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Do you spend more time getting organized than getting things done?

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“This is a common issue for those who practice GTD®. That's why I decided to develop an application that allows you to get organized effectively, but without worrying about the organization itself. An application that allows you to enjoy a more relaxed and productive life.”
FRANCISCO SÁEZ Founder & CEO of FacileThings

GTD® works. Take advantage of it!

The GTD® system allows you to organize your personal and professional life so that you can get things done, easily. This is a method that just works, and FacileThings helps you implement GTD® in an almost intuitive way, even if you have never heard of it.

Imagine what you will do from today.

After four years working at FacileThings, we have realized that we can do much more than we ever thought. Better yet, we are very pleased that our users are also achieving their goals. What else can we wish for?

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