About us

We are a productivity software development company focused on creating high-quality self-management applications that offer a great experience.

We see our software as a natural extension of your life and we strive every day to help you achieve optimal ease in your day-to-day decisions and activities.

You can contact us using this form , sending an email to email@facilethings.com or via our Twitter account: @FacileThings

Usability is a quality attribute relating to how easy something is to use. More specifically, it refers to how quickly people can learn to use something, how efficient they are while using it, how memorable it is, how error-prone it is, and how much users like using it. If people can’t or won’t use a feature, it might as well not exist.

Prioritizing Web Usability Jakob Nielsen & Hoa Loranger

fac·ile (ˈfasəl): adjective, done in a quick, fluent, and easy manner.