Secure and fast integration with Google Calendar

By Francisco Sáez • July 05, 2012

Today we have fully updated the way how FacileThings connects and interacts with Google Calendar, so the synchronization of your data is performed in a more secure, more reliable and faster way.

Completely secure connection. The connection is now done via OAuth 2.0, so you do not need to indicate your Google login credentials. In fact, we have deleted all passwords from the FacileThings database and you will have to establish the connection again. The application, through Google, will ask you to grant permissions to access your data in Google Calendar:

OAuth connection image

Faster exchange of information. We have used this change to migrate to the Google API V3 version, which is more reliable and performs a much faster access to data.

Some improvements. We have also reviewed carefully the whole synchronization algorithm and made ​​some modifications:

  • Calendar events that are inactive in FacileThings are no longer synchronized, avoiding a duplication issue.
  • Calendar events are deleted in FacileThings will be also deleted in Google Calendar, on the next synchronization.
  • The last synchronization date is saved for internal tracking.

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About the author

Francisco Sáez (@franciscojsaez) is the founder and CEO of FacileThings. He is also a web developer specializing in Ruby on Rails who is passionate about personal productivity and GTD as a means to a better life.


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