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By Francisco Sáez • February 06, 2012

“Dreams are like stars… you may never touch them, but if you follow them they will lead you to your destiny.” ~ Unknown

Workers who lose their jobs, freelancers who don’t find more clients, companies that stop getting new orders… The current economic recession is forcing many people to rethink their future. Even those that have a steady job are no longer considering it permanent—they shouldn’t—and beginning to think that another way of life is possible and, probably, necessary.

The worst thing in a crisis situation is that we try to solve it any way, desperately. We seek short term solutions to get us out of the impasse and we forget easily who we are. If right now you’re in a situation of uncertainty—and, trust me, you are—I advise you to do a little exercise of personal introspection. What would your ideal life situation be?

Everyone wants to be in a state of wellness and happiness, but it is necessary to define an image that represents this ideal situation. This concept is much deeper than goal setting. It includes things that never can be marked as done.

Your ideal situation is the best thing that could happen to you as a person. You will need some financial stability in that situation, but not at any price. You will need to do what you like most, to devote yourself to what you are passionate about. You should also include in that image your mood—positive, of course—, your inner balance and your relationships with others. Surely, you will want to enjoy your time with people you love and also to have some time for yourself.

You need the image of your ideal situation for your mind to understand and accept it. With this clear picture, your mind will start to look for data and create the necessary connections to get to it. It will subconsciously open different pathways and activate the necessary resources.

Images help the brain to better develop its creativity because, unlike numbers, they encourage rationality and emotionality as well. Moreover, this image serves you as a source of motivation. No matter how impossible your ideal situation looks like, do not reject it. It will allow you create a chain of intermediate objectives in order to eventually reach it. Each time you do something concrete to get a little closer to your ideal situation, that image will become stronger.

As an example—well, it is a partial one, since I am somewhat shy to expose my desired personal relationships here—, this would be my ideal situation:

“Doing research and programming, learning things from many people and helping and inspiring others. Having the freedom to choose what to do most of my time. Traveling, meeting new people and cultures, and living where I most feel like at all times.”

What’s yours?

About the author

Francisco Sáez (@franciscojsaez) is the founder and CEO of FacileThings. He is also a web developer specializing in Ruby on Rails who is passionate about personal productivity and GTD as a means to a better life.


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