Why not everyone wants to be productive

By Francisco Sáez • June 18, 2012

“Most of us do not sculpt our lives. We accept what comes our way, then we gripe about it.” ~ Susan Jeffers

Something that all the people interested in the existing methods of personal organization and productivity have in common is a deep desire to reach a future state much better than today’s. These people have control over what is happening and, therefore, seek ways to do things better, faster or easier. They are people willing to admit that they might need to change some habits. This leads to a paradox: people who want to be more productive are actually those who need it the least.

Unlike the instinctive or unconscious actions, intentional activity depends on the direct, consciously planned participation of a person. The development of knowledge requires this type of activity. If you wait to know something before you do something, probably nothing will never happen. Proactive people, those with a strong component of intentional activity, are more likely to research, test and refine processes that lead them to get better organized.

If you do not have that special motivation that brings you to seek a better future, you are not going to invest your time and energy to try new ways of doing things better. If you do not care how good you can get in your work or in your relationships, if you do not have any stress to relieve… well, these stuff are not of interest to you.

If you are one of those, maybe this would motivate you. According to psychologists, happiness is built upon three variables, and with two of them we can do little or nothing (genes and external circumstances such as age, health, where we live, with whom, etc…). The third variable is made up of little things that YOU decide to do everyday, that is, your intentional activity. What are you wishing to do? Find a goal, no matter how implausible it may seem, and start doing things to achieve it. Do not worry about the destination, enjoy the journey.

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About the author

Francisco Sáez (@franciscojsaez) is the founder and CEO of FacileThings. He is also a web developer specializing in Ruby on Rails who is passionate about personal productivity and GTD as a means to a better life.


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