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By Francisco Sáez • March 08, 2012

From today you can get more content from FacileThings through your smartphone or tablet, as we have enabled access to the blog and tutorials on mobile devices:

mobile site

Whether you are accessing FacileThings from your computer, or from your smartphone or tablet, you can swap the full site view and the mobile view. Try it, click on the Mobile link you have at the bottom of this page, on the right side, to view this page as it would look like on your mobile. If you are seeing the mobile version, click on the Full site link to see the full version on your mobile:

full site and mobile swap

This can be very useful under certain circumstances. If you are accessing the application from a tablet, with a decent size screen and a good Internet connection, you may want to access all its features through the normal web site.

We have also updated the design of the mobile application, a new image consistent with the website:

new web app design

I take this opportunity to tell you our current plan (1) concerning to mobile development:

  • We are developing specific applications for Android and iOS, which are currently in alpha release. The Android version is already published in the Android Market. The iPhone app has been delayed and we will wait for the beta version to publish it.
  • We are improving our webapp, since—in addition to offering more functionality to iOS and Android users—it allows access to customers who use Windows Phone, Blackberry and WebOS. Our next efforts will aim to make it run faster and start to add offline features.
  • We are starting to develop a new HTML5 user interface that can be efficiently used with tablets, to which we will also progressively add offline features.

1 This is our today plan, and it can will be changed. We are a dynamic company, and our plans will vary depending on new technologies, market research, available resources and preferences of our customers.

About the author

Francisco Sáez (@franciscojsaez) is the founder and CEO of FacileThings. He is also a web developer specializing in Ruby on Rails who is passionate about personal productivity and GTD as a means to a better life.

2 comments so far

C Martinez
Commented about 2 years ago

Nicely done! The application keeps getting better and better. Where do you come up with such brilliant ideas? ;-)

Francisco Sáez
Commented about 2 years ago

Well, you guys help a lot ;)

I'm glad you like it, Christopher.

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