Why Do You Want to Practice GTD?

Published on August 10, 2015 by Francisco Sáez

To successfully implement GTD, you should know why you do it. And that, sometimes, is not so obvious...


“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” ~ Proverb

Undoubtedly, some people have a greater desire to be organized, to have everything under control. They are people who need to know how is the map on which they move, where they want to go and where they are at all times.

Others, however, want to be organized because their life is somewhat chaotic and have seen somewhere—read or heard—that a particular method or tool or application can help them better control the situation, simply because it has already helped others.


An Advice for Your Vacation

Published on August 03, 2015 by Francisco Sáez

Do not miss this opportunity to improve your life.


Vacations are a fabulous and essential time to relax, to enjoy yourself and to renew your energies. I talked last year about the importance of vacations to restore the level of attention you need to live your life efficiently for the rest of the year. Studies show that most people have a better perspective on their life and are more motivated to achieve their goals after taking a vacation, no matter how short it is.

As I believe it’s no longer necessary to stress the importance of rest for productivity, I’m going to focus on another aspect of your vacation that you should take advantage of: your mental state.

When you go on vacation your mental state changes radically. You’ll probably spend your vacation in a place other than the one you’re used to. Your mind will work a bit differently during those few days. You’ll worry a lot less about doing and a lot more about thinking, but you won’t be doing this deliberately.


Does Music Help You Become More Productive?

Published on July 27, 2015 by Francisco Sáez

What science says about music and productivity.


When we are working usually there’s a background noise intermittently distracting us and hindering us from finishing the task at hand. Whenever a noise or an outside conversation distracts you, your brain suffers a small disconnection from the task at hand and you will need a few seconds—sometimes it can be minutes—to reconnect and continue the task from the point where you had stopped.

Depending on the mental effort required by the task at hand, the loss of productivity can be higher or lower. But clearly, over a week, the sum of all these small external interrupts add up to quite an amount of precious time. With that time you could have finished some things before—and enjoyed a quieter week, with everything under control—, or could have done more things during the week—thus increasing your effectiveness and personal productivity.

Sometimes, too quiet of an atmosphere does not help to get in the zone, flowing wih the job.


Loss Aversion as Motivation

Published on July 20, 2015 by Francisco Sáez

Use your natural instincts favorably to be motivated.

loss aversion

In 2010, a group of economists carried out a study in order to find a way to encourage teachers of the American educational system to make greater efforts, deliver more and better knowledge and, therefore, make students reach a higher level of academic performance.

The incentive was nothing new, since it was about giving the teachers an additional bonus based on the performance of their students. But the way to get that bonus was different, for at least half of the teachers on which the study was done. Half of the teachers received the full bonus early in the course, and so, in the end, they would have to return the part that did not belong to them. The other half, in the traditional manner, would receive the bonus at the end of the course depending on a job well done.

At the end of the course it became evident that students whose teachers received the premium in advance scored better than students whose teachers received the premium in the traditional way, at the end.


The Weekly Review, Revised

Published on July 16, 2015 by Francisco Sáez

We have improved the Weekly Review process in FacileThings.

It’s been just over a year when we developed the guide to do the Weekly Review in our GTD app FacileThings. It’s a tool that provides you with the necessary work structure to help you consolidate the habit of reviewing.

During this time we have found different points of improvement, thanks largely to the feedback received from our users, and the time has come to apply them.

So here are the improvements you will find the next time you do your Weekly Review:

Projects Review


The “Not This Week” List

Published on July 13, 2015 by Francisco Sáez

The Not This Week list will help you make a shorter and more solid Weekly Review.

weekly review

Out of the fundamental habits of GTD, the Weekly Review is one of most difficult to establish. All organizational systems tend to go towards entropy and many people fail to realize how important it is to keep their system clean and updated so they can trust it unreservedly.

When you skip the review for one week, your system begins to move away from your reality. It contains actions and information that are no longer relevant, outdated projects, things that are not where they should be, and it becomes incomplete, as there are things that are in your head but not in your system. When you skip the review for three or four weeks, your system has no way to be run and therefore you abandon it, you fall off the wagon.

It is at this point that some say “GTD is too complicated” or “GTD is not for me.” The truth is that neither GTD or any other form of organization will work if you do not keep the information clean, clear, current and complete.


FacileThings: Changelog (July 2015)

Published on July 09, 2015 by Francisco Sáez

A list of minor changes and bug fixes on FacileThings.

Here is a list of minor changes and bug fixes that have been made on FacileThings in recent weeks:

Fixed sidebar

In our last update, project management with Personal Kanban, we introduced in the Projects section a line to get a separated scroll in the left menu and the page content. Since it provides greater control over what you want to view, we also extended the use of this fixed sidebar to the other sections:

fixed sidebar

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