Social Networks and Productivity: Pros, Cons and Tips

Published on February 09, 2015 by Francisco Sáez

Social networks can improve your productivity if you use them properly, but they might destroy it if they become an uncontrolled addiction.

social networks

You are in front of your computer, working on that boring report your boss asked you to do and, damn it, you need a break. So you decide to distract yourself for a few minutes by glancing at your Twitter timeline, or seeing the weekend photos your friends have posted on Facebook.

Is it better or worse for your productivity when you are using social networks instead of actually doing your job? Well, that depends.

Although there are many people—including your boss—who think social networking is a waste of time, some studies show the opposite. Sounds strange, right? How is it possible that doing something that distracts you from doing the task in hand should be considered productive?


11 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Give Up

Published on February 02, 2015 by Francisco Sáez

Many times we abandon an important work without even realizing. Do not let that happen with the things that matter to you.

don't give up

“Your victory is right around the corner. Never give up.” ~ Nicki Minaj, singer

There are times when a project is choking you. It happens. If it comes to a professional project, normally you do everything possible to continue and make it come to fruition, either not to lose a business opportunity, or your job.

If the project is personal, however, and since you don’t have the same pressure, there is a great possibility that you end up leaving it. After all, the only damaged party would be you, and that’s more manageable and easier to justify.


FacileThings: Changelog (January 2015)

Published on January 30, 2015 by Francisco Sáez

A list of minor changes and bug fixes on FacileThings.

In recent weeks we have made some minor changes and bug fixes in FacileThings. Here is the list of modifications.

Reference Material

We added the Perspective tab when editing an item belonging to the Reference Material list. This way, you can change the project the information belongs to (before you could not) and assign material specifically to a goal or area of responsibility.

editing reference material


How GTD Supports your Behavior Patterns

Published on January 26, 2015 by Francisco Sáez

GTD responds to a number of behavior patterns that most of us follow in a predictable way.

behavior patterns

Any person or organization wishing to develop a product—whether it’s a web application, a toaster or a building—must take into account how the people who will use the product usually behave. This is essential to design the product so that it’s easy to understand and use.

For many years, designers, researchers and cognitive scientists, have been observing how people use the things they have at their disposal. And they have identified a number of behavior patterns more or less usual, that most of us follow in a predictable way.

This week, as I was reviewing these patterns to bear in mind in the development of a new user interface, I noticed with some surprise how the GTD method has also been designed—consciously or unconsciously—to support these forms of behavior.


Quick Wins

Published on January 19, 2015 by Francisco Sáez

Keep motivation in your projects by generating momentum.

quick wins

“You cannot do projects, you can only do action steps.” ~ David Allen

Once you have started a project, momentum is everything. Momentum is a physical quantity that describes the impetus gained by a body in motion. Momentum feeds the motivation needed to continue the project and, of course, to complete it.

How that momentum is generated? Very simply: doing one thing and moving to the next. When you stop a project for whatever reason, when you get stuck in an action and do not advance to the next, you’re just killing the momentum. And that probably end up killing the project.


The Power of Thoughts

Published on January 12, 2015 by Francisco Sáez

You have the power to create things from your thinking, change your life and influence others’ live.

el poder de los pensamientos

“The ancestor of every action is a thought.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Throughout the day a multitude of thoughts arrive in your head: ideas, things you’d like to do, people with whom you’d like to be, something you’d like to tell someone, something you should buy, something or someone that you would like to know…

Some are positive and show you what you should be doing to become what you want to be. These ones help to accelerate events. Others, however, will inject you some kind of fear so that you don’t do what you should. These ones slow down events.


FacileThings Report: Survey Results and Goals for 2015

Published on January 07, 2015 by Francisco Sáez

FacileThings Annual Report, market analysis and strategic plan for 2015.

In any project that requires some creativity—as any endeavor—it’s necessary to switch from time to time between acting and reflecting. Sometimes you have to shutdown, stop doing things, think of what you’ve done so far and discuss what should be the next steps to follow.

In FacileThings we have dedicated the month of December to make a full big-picture review. We’ve reviewed and analyzed a lot of data to see how we can improve the lives of our users for the next year, while we maintain our vision of developing a personal productivity tool based 100% on the GTD methodology.

For this, a very important source of data comes from a survey we conducted among our customers in late November 1. Below I show you the results of the survey, along with some conclusions and our development plan for 2015.

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