Personal productivity is a matter of habits

FacileThings teaches you how to create these habits and helps you learn to keep them easily

Get things done. Easily.

Implement your GTD system with minimal effort.

We'll teach you how to get organized with a method that just works. And assistance is available in the application itself and in our Support Center.

Built-in help in the app


Capture everything you care about via FacileThings, your email or your smartphone. You can also use tools like Evernote, Google Calendar, Twitter or Dropbox.

Collecting stuff via email and mobile


Process, at least once a day, everything you've collected. By clarifying what each item is, you're swapping uncertainty for calmness.

Processing stuff on FacileThings


Organize your information in order to appear on your radar at the right time. You have all the needed lists and tools: calendar, next actions, "someday/maybe" list, delegated actions, projects, reference materials, contexts, goals, areas of responsibility...

Organizing stuff on FacileThings


Review your system once a week. You must keep it updated so you can firmly rely on it.

Reviewing stage sample on FacileThings

And do it!

How are you doing? With FacileThings you can measure your progress, which will lead you to get everything under control and, eventually, to improve.

Doing actions on FacileThings
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