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5 Technologies Enhancing Productivity on the Jobsite

AUTHOR: Sourodip Biswas
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5 Technologies Enhancing Productivity on the Jobsite

Any business, whether it’s an SME or a Fortune 500 company, cannot miss out on the element of productivity. It’s rightfully something that all organizations must strive towards achieving and enhancing.

There have always been abstract notions to enhance productivity. But to make it reach an optimum level – a blend of effective methodology and latest technology is required.

Employees working on a job site may experience a deficiency in their productivity levels for innumerable reasons. However, incorporating the right set of technological assets can help in the long run.

Technologies that enhance productivity are known to reduce the efforts, time, and cost of the work done. In turn, they also increase speed and multiply efficiency.

1. Tablets and mobile devices

This has to top the charts. Whether professional or personal, it has become impossible to imagine our lives without mobile phones or tablets. And no matter how much we blame it for chewing on our valuable resource (time), we cannot deny the fact that it plays a role in maximizing the efficiency, and thereby productivity of any given task. How? The precise answer is – through mobile apps. Mobile apps are adept at streamlining various business processes. Whether its documentation through photography or business reporting, apps are known to make the process efficient and interesting.

mobile devices productivity

Some of the ways in which mobile apps help in enhancing productivity are:

  • Enhance speed
  • Keep a permanent record of data
  • Low risk of data loss
  • Paperless working
  • Easy print reading
  • Access to – drawings, daily reports, quality control inspections, safety audits, and emails.

2. Drones

Drones can go where you cannot or should not. And there’s not a better way of enhancing productivity and safety at the same time! They serve a wide range of industries and are incredibly useful in the construction industry.

Let’s know how with an example!

Problem – Bridges and road surveys can be dangerous when individuals go to inspect the site. The height of the site or the traffic on roads can prove to be fatal for on-site inspectors.

Solution – Drones can give them a 360-degree view of the site without having to visit it physically. This not only enhances the safety but also minimizes the time required for the operation. The detailed images are highly valuable and provide a deep insight into the surveys. This enables a better understanding that wouldn’t have been possible with manual efforts.

Drones can also be used over water thereby increasing the safety quotient.

With drones, workers do not have to work at risky heights and still an extensive library of photographs is obtained that makes way for clearer understanding and therefore enhanced productivity.

3. Virtual Reality

Ever since its introduction, VR has been stimulating our senses like never before. From marketing to finance, HR, or customer service, basically, any process that is carried out in the physical world can be executed through VR too.

For training processes, VR is nothing short of a boon. It makes you believe that what you’re seeing is real and this helps in grasping the concepts in an intensified manner. It not only creates a world around you but also enables you to interact with that world. That is what creates a difference.

Speaking of practical experiences, it helps you to carry out tasks without your physical presence. VR offers an array of possibilities when it comes to modelling and interacting with real-world objects.

It also serves businesses with exciting ways to engage with prospects and customers, as showcasing products and services become interesting through VR.

4. Laser scanning

Speaking strictly of construction, laser technology is nothing short of a boon.

Let’s understand this step by step:

Design: Laser, in this step, is used for capturing detailed images. A scan-to-BIM method is generally adopted to manage the process effectively. Laser scanning has thus become a starting point that comes even before BIM at times.

Construction: Laser scanning can be used in places where the chances of errors are high. They can also help in identifying a solution faster. Another great advantage is that laser scanning enables data sharing between parties to facilitate remote coordination. Also, it documents milestones and helps in passing work to other professionals.

Operations: As laser scanning is capable of capturing a high level of detail, it helps to build, renovate, add, and even demolish the structures. It also helps in creating a permanent and exact record for owners and managers.

5. Wearables

Wearables have revolutionized the business world ever since their arrival. The best part is its predictive prevention ability. These wearables can easily detect burnout in a worker thereby indicating rest for him/her. Work, in such cases, is taken by another worker in the team. This process can enhance productivity.

The wearables can also measure biometric figures such as body temperature, heart rate or electrical sensation on the skin if any. This keeps track on the worker’s physical status and prevents mishappenings.

The graph of possibilities (for wearables) will only go upwards from here. The rapidly evolving technology, however, is much beyond wristbands. The more advanced use of the Internet of Things can also come handy in enhancing productivity and safety level. How? There can be jackets to alert of harmful toxins or shoes that sense if a worker slips or if he/she’s carrying an exceptionally heavy load.

Wearables essentially detect how much work a wearer can handle with efficiency. If they go beyond that – the productivity diminishes and there’s also a risk to their safety.


The biggest mistake any business can make is to not leverage the latest available resources! The aforementioned technologies, when aligned with business processes, can not only raise productivity levels but also cut-down time and cost involved in the operation.

The fact is, no matter what, you need to keep up with the changing times and ever-evolving technology in order to ace the market competition. Now that you have an assorted list, where do you intend to begin?

Sourodip Biswas

Sourodip works with an expert team of web and mobile app developers at Space-O Canada, a leading software development company. He spends his time researching technologies and mobile apps. His work has been published on various distinguished blogs across the web.

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