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9 Things You Should Do Every Sunday

AUTHOR: Kurt Walker
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Is your first idea about weekend sleeping in and watch as many random tv series reruns, you probably don’t enjoy that experience as much by now. On the other hand, you barely have the time to think about something else to do because of the business of the week. Therefore, we thought it would be interesting for you to take look at the list of alternatives that would make your weekend a more enjoyable experience.

1. Dedicate to yourself

Spending your weekends with friends and family is beneficial for your social life, however, it is important to keep things in a balance and spend some time all by yourself, without any outside influence. Go out in nature or simply stay inside and turn off your phone. Reflect on things that concern you, or clear your head of thoughts. 

2. Take a hobby

If you constantly keep yourself focused on your work or problems, it can significantly influence your health, due to the increased amount of stress. It’s nice to have a hobby, something unrelated to the work that could keep you busy and creative during the weekend. You will feel happier doing something you really enjoy.

3. Start a blog

Sometimes, the best way to filter out our week is to write someone about it. Starting a blog has multiple benefits, besides it’s a fun and creative way to spend your time, it allows you to read the feedback and get alternative points of view. In case you’re not sure you’re writing skills are not well developed yet, you can hire an online paper writer. There are many agencies that provide textual assignment help like and others that could polish up the text for you before you publish it.

4. Clean up around the house

During the week we move around things all over the place, there are always some dishes that need taking care of, and no matter how tidy we might be, somehow there are always some pieces of clothes that need to be put back in their place. Cleaning up on Sunday will allow you to come home from work and feel comfortable with everything in place.

5. Exercise

“Mens sana in corpore sano” goes old Latin proverb. Don’t forget that your body is responsible for the state of your mind, and it needs attention and care. Even taking a long walk will benefit your heart rate, blood pressure, brain, lungs, well you get the picture. In case you feel really enthusiastic you could start going to the gym or another form of exercise, whichever fits your needs and interests.

6. Socialize

Weekends are an excellent opportunity to get your friends together and organize a barbeque, dinner, or even a house party and meet interesting people. We spend so much time communicating online that it almost alienated us from spending time with people live, in the same space. If you’re not into late-night socializing on Sunday, there are plenty of things to do during the day like going to Church or having coffee with someone you like.

7. Maintenance

Take a look around your home, there’s always something to fix. Regular home maintenance can protect you from all kinds of domestic hazards, and save you a lot of money you would otherwise waste on expensive repairs later on. If you own a car or a bike, check out if your wheels need any attention.

8. Plan your next week

Sunday afternoon should be the time when you arrange your schedule for the forthcoming week. Planning ahead will keep you away from trouble in form of broken deadlines, missed meetings, or unanswered emails. This way also you could keep up with your priorities, and analyze your progress using past schedules that you can archive.

9. Clean your fridge

There’s nothing worse than the smell of rotten food in your fridge when you open it. To keep your fridge always equip only with food that’s safe to eat, make sure you dedicate your Sundays to cleaning up what’s out of date. It’s not beneficial for your refrigerator space, but it is also an important health issue.


It’s important to keep your life in balance, in all aspects. Our week is almost by rule full of excitements, meetings, pressure, and under those conditions, keeping things completely under our control is all but impossible. One of the ways to fight for that balance is to use our weekends in order to restore our energy and prepare our body and mind for the challenges ahead.

Kurt Walker

Kurt is an editor and content writer with more than 5 years of experience at some of the best online writing services like,, and He enjoys dedicating his work to technology, lifestyle, health, and productivity.

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