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5 Productivity Habits to Hack Your Morning Routine

AUTHOR: Kayla Matthews
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"My future starts when I wake up every morning." ~ Miles Davis

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What’s the first thing you do when you hop out of bed in the morning? Perhaps you make your way to the bathroom to brush your teeth while listening to your favorite podcast.

If you’re like most people, you may just head straight to the kitchen to silence that grumbling stomach with a delicious breakfast. Or maybe you don’t jump out of bed at all and stay nestled in the warmth of your blankets while scrolling through social media instead.

Whether you’re a morning person or grudgingly silence that alarm clock at 6 a.m. every day, most of us have a morning routine. Everyone starts their day at some point, just in their own unique and different way.

Think of morning in much the same way as breakfast. If you don’t make the most of it, you may feel yourself experiencing a lack of motivation and energy as the day goes on. Visualize your morning routine as the act that can make or break your afternoon and evening.

We all have to pull ourselves out of the covers at some point — it’s just a matter of how we do it. When it boils down to starting your day off in the most proactive and productive manner, the question remains as to what steps work best.

While the key to productivity may vary from person to person, there are a few factors many successful individuals share — especially in regard to their morning routine.

Do you want to get a better start to your day in the morning? Then be sure to check out the five simple hacks to a more effective and productive morning routine.

1. Prepare Before You Go to Bed

If you wake up to a cluttered mess every morning, chances are your disorganization may just be the culprit behind the lack of productivity you experience throughout the day. Try arranging your morning essentials in an orderly manner on your nearby shelf or desk the night before.

Make sure to include the next day’s outfit, your keys, and other necessary accessories in a neat arrangement for easy access.

2. Keep a Glass of Water Within Arm’s Reach

You just spent the last seven to nine hours without drinking, which means it’s natural to wake up to the urgent need to quench your thirst.

While you may think a bit of dehydration is a simple discomfort you can power through, did you know it causes you to feel fatigue and exhaustion, too? Keep a glass of refreshing water on your nightstand to boost your energy while helping your health every morning, as well.

3. Use Apps to Your Benefit

It’s easy to feel like there isn’t enough time in the day to do all of your daily activities, but what if you merely enlist the assistance of a few helping hands — virtual style, that is? Productivity apps such as FacileThings help you manage your daily tasks and in effect increase your daily levels of productivity, too.

You can quickly construct morning to-do lists and save yourself valuable time and energy in the process, ensuring you knock everything off your list each morning.

4. Make Speech Recognition Tools a Part of Your Daily Routine

Sometimes, you need a bit of hands-free technology to help initiate your morning — which is where speech recognition software comes into play. Speech recognition tools are simple to install on your phone or another smart device.

Whether you need to send a quick instant message in the morning or write an e-mail to your boss, don’t let your lack of energy keep you from engaging in your necessary morning communication — just use hands-free software instead.

5. Put Some Pep in Your Step with an Easy Nutritional Breakfast

Imagine trying to power through the day with an overwhelming sense of fatigue and a grumbling stomach. If you skip breakfast, this may very well be a reality.

Be sure to incorporate energizing nutrients into your morning breakfast, including B Vitamins and omega-3s. After all, the best way to kick-start your morning is with the nutritional value you need to power through the remainder of your day. Whatever you eat, get it ready the night before:

  • Lay out your cereal bowl
  • Prep and freeze pancakes you can reheat in the morning
  • Put smoothie ingredients in the blender and store in the fridge

If you look at the habits practiced by the world’s most successful individuals, chances are their key to triumph starts with a productive morning. With a few productive tips and tricks in mind, you can drastically improve your daily level of achievement, too!

Kayla Matthews

Kayla is a productivity blogger who’s always looking for better and more efficient ways to get the most out of life. Follow her on Muck Rack to read all of her latest posts, or check out her blog, Productivity Theory, for productivity tips.

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