Synchronization with Google Calendar

AUTHOR: Francisco Sáez

From today you can synchronize your Google Calendar events with your FacileThings Calendar 1. To do this, first you have to connect both applications by informing FacileThings about your Google credentials in your Account (Integration section). You must also select which of your Google calendars is going to get synchronized.

Google Calendar integration

Once the connection is established, your Calendar will be synchronized every time you sign in FacileThings. You can also force a manual synchronization whenever you want, using the synchronization icon on the left of your Calendar.

Google Calendar synchronization

You don’t need to wait after clicking the sync button. You can continue working. The synchronization is done internally without affecting your work on the web. Depending on the number of jobs FacileThings has accumulated, the proccess may be immediate or take a few minutes.

Only the events scheduled in the next 30 days are synchronized. The synchronization is bidirectional. The events you have in Google Calendar will go to FacileThings and the events you have in FacileThings will go to your Google Calendar.

From the moment that an event has already been synchronized (it is in the two systems), the FacileThings one is in charge. This means that if you modify the FacileThings event, it will be updated in Google Calendar, but if you modify the Google Calendar event, it will have no impact on FacileThings. Please note this criterion to keep your calendars updated properly.

You will recognize the new events coming from your Google Calendar by the icon that comes with them:

Google Calendar events in FacileThings

1 If you are not yet a FacileThings user, you can try it free for a month. Create your account here, in a minute.

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