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How to Organize Your Office Space to Be More Productive

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If you’ve ever tried to work in a cluttered, disorganized space, you know how frazzled that makes you. To be more productive, you need a place for everything so you can find what you need the minute you need it.

Increased productivity helps both workers and businesses, because businesses can afford to pay more without increasing unit labor costs significantly. If you want to do your job better than ever before, secure that raise you deserve and become an asset to your company, now is the time to organize your office space. Here are a few ways to get organized for productivity.

1. Locate Everything

You’ve probably heard the saying, “a place for everything and everything in its place,” which is also good advice for your desk. If your desk gets cluttered with files and papers piled on top of each other, you’ll never find that important client file when they are on the phone asking a question. It’s much better to put that file inside a cabinet by your desk. Once everything is in alphabetical order, you say, “Let me locate your file.” Instead of spending 10 minutes looking for it, you’re back on the line in a minute or less.

2. Use Dividers

Invest in desk drawer dividers to get the clutter off your desk and organized inside drawers. Think through the different items you use regularly, and how you might want to organize them in the drawer. One idea is to cut out a sheet of paper that is the same size as your drawer. Then, lay out organizers on the paper the same way you’d like to see them inside your desk. You can even place items inside them, rearrange and so on before putting them inside the desk.

3. Download Productivity Apps

If your office has gone to Chromebooks for work or you work on your mobile device a lot, take a look at apps you can download that increase productivity. Some software isn’t available for mobile devices. However, with the help of apps such as Office 365, Evernote and StayFocused, you can stay on track and productive no matter your work location.

4. Use Aromatherapy

Smell is one of the most influential senses and can actually change your productivity. Although strong chemicals in your window cleaner and disinfectant wipes may help you eliminate bacteria, switching to all-natural products and scentless chemicals can help boost your work efficiency.

You can use essential oils like lemon, lavender or cinnamon to help positively influence your focus at work. What’s more, ammonia-free chemicals will help you avoid damaging your device screens and keep your work area free of mood-changing scents.

5. Break Space Into Work Zones

No matter how large or small your space, break areas into specific work zones. Do you spend most of the day making phone calls to clients? You need a comfortable place and access to client files and notes. Set your space up for the work you do most frequently. You’ll also want a separate space for meeting preparation or layouts and spreadsheets. If you often eat lunch in your office, you may need a comfy chair where you can relax for a minute while continuing with your work.

Organization Equals Productivity

One of the cornerstones of highly productive people is that they are organized. They have a plan and stick to it. They easily find what they need, so they don’t waste time. Creating a clean, uncluttered office is one of the first steps toward living a more productive life.

Kayla matthews
Kayla Matthews

Kayla is a productivity blogger who’s always looking for better and more efficient ways to get the most out of life. Follow her on Muck Rack to read all of her latest posts, or check out her blog, Productivity Theory, for productivity tips.

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