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How to Stay Productive During An Office Move

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Office move

The key to a successful business is a team of employees who are engaged and productive. Easier said than done, right?

Each organization is comprised of three types of employees:

  • Engaged: work with a passion and feel a connection to their work.
  • Not Engaged: mainly checked out, sleepwalking through the day.
  • Actively Disengaged: undermine co-workers, act out due to unhappiness at work.

According to one study, 70% of American workers aren’t achieving full productivity, putting a company’s bottom line at risk. During a move — whether your office is moving or you’re relocating for a new position — productivity can take a big hit.

Luckily, there are ways you can stay efficient during a stressful office move.

Plan a Strategy

Any move can be stress-inducing, whether it’s across the hallway or on the other side of the country. Stay productive during the process by planning ahead. Create detailed checklists to ensure every task is completed within the deadline. Checklists help track progress and alert employees to upcoming changes.

Appoint a team member to Internal Move Manager, with the task of creating a timetable and acting as a mediator between workers and management. Planning ahead will make everyone involved less anxious during the transition to a new office.

Prioritize Your Packing

Nobody likes to pack, but it has to be done. Make the process easier by having an action plan in place. Certain supplies — like paper, pens, laptops, charging cords, etc. — will need to be kept out until the last minute.

Prioritize your packing and label each box. Start early, carefully wrapping up items like pictures, decor and other minor objects. As the deadline looms nearer, you can start packing up furniture, equipment and office supplies. Stack boxes up in an empty space until the time comes to transport them.

Keep Communication Open

A lot of people are resistant to change. If you’re planning an office move, it’s crucial to keep employees informed during the entire process. One way to keep the atmosphere relaxed and productive is to let workers know what to expect before it happens.

There are plenty of methods you can use to keep communication open. At the end of daily meetings, include a brief update on what steps have recently been taken towards the move. Give one-on-one feedback sessions to voice any concerns about productivity levels or to assure employees they’re doing a good job.

Notify Your Customers

Beyond employees, it’s also essential to keep customers, clients and vendors up-to-date about your move. An office move can get hectic, and a poorly planned one can result in neglected clients who feel like an afterthought.

Once you’ve found a new location and signed the lease, it’s essential to notify customers of your new place and grand opening date. Send out a personalized email and write regular updates on social media.

Don’t Over-Analyze

So you’ve decided it’s time to move. As you move into the planning and preparation stages, you might begin to feel the stirrings of panic. There are boxes to pack and clients to appease. Relocating is a big decision — but you can handle it.

Any big decision will come with hesitation, it’s automatic. However, a successful business is one that can adapt to changes, including relocation. On the flip-side, a versatile employee is one who will excel in their role. If the timing is right, take the jump and try something new.

Keeping employees engaged and passionate about work can be a challenge, even when you’re not planning a move. In fact, disengaged employees cost the U.S. up to $550 billion in lost productivity annually.

Keep productivity levels steady by planning your move ahead of time and crafting a strategy for success. Know how to prioritize your packing. Keep employees aware of all changes. Plus, don’t forget to keep clients in the loop. The sooner you get started, the easier the transition to a new workplace will be.

Kayla matthews
Kayla Matthews

Kayla is a productivity blogger who’s always looking for better and more efficient ways to get the most out of life. Follow her on Muck Rack to read all of her latest posts, or check out her blog, Productivity Theory, for productivity tips.

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