Introducing FacileThings

AUTHOR: Francisco Sáez

Let me introduce you to FacileThings, a new personal management system designed to help you better organize your life and your work.

This system is based on the GTD methodology presented by David Allen in his book Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity in 2001. Based on very simple principles and many years of experience, this methodology has become a worldwide reference on personal productivity.

I know it is hard to change our habits, but using the right tool can be very helpful. We build on recent usability studies to make an application you will love. Clean, intuitive, fast, easy to use.

This tool is just one part of the solution. By adding this blog and the published documents (1) to this site, we want to help you get your things done in a cohesive and effective way, ensure you remain calm and are relaxed despite having seemingly overwhelming tasks to perform, and gain advanced insights in being more productive overall.

1 All documents on this site are published in English and Spanish.

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