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Lean Principles Every Owner Should Master To Boost Productivity

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There’s nothing more important to a business owner than his employees. Having happy employees will result in your productivity increasing. And, to make your business grow that’s precisely what you need.

To make your employees happy you don’t need to do a hefty lot, rather small habitual changes work just fine.

Slight changes in habit drastically improve the sleep deprivation impact you might have on your employees. Having a good relationship with your employees will allow you to receive more quality work in a short time. The time needed for unnecessary tasks will also lessen.

Negative effects on employees can result in decreased work-rate. And trust me! No business owner wants that!

That said, here are the lean principles every owner should master to boost productivity.

Being Efficient

Think about how your business is currently operating. You need to be clear of the potential changes in your work to your employees. Making a short-term and long-term list is very important to prioritize tasks.

Setting your staff goals for each day is a good way to boost productivity. Provide plans for each staff member every day. Encourage them to complete prioritized tasks on time. This will result in an efficient work process.


Delegation involves potential risk. But increased responsibility improves the morale and job satisfaction of your staff by making them feel important.

Seek out the employees that have a proven track record in a certain field. You can rest assured that they will deliver better than you can imagine.

Allowing your employees the chance to gain leadership and skill will benefit your company and a much bigger picture. Allowing your employees to gather achievements will make them pursue even bigger feats for the betterment of your company.

Reducing Distractions

Though distraction isn’t a severe problem as a Sativa effect, upon review it was seen that social media kills productivity.

That’s why instead of having a no-phone policy, you can provide a good amount of breaks in between their works. This will allow the employees to have some breathing space while keeping them focused and engaged.

Encouraging mobiles to turn off and taking regular breaks will boost the productivity rate of your employees. Having regular breaks ensures that the time your employees spend at the table is more productive.

Utilizing Right Tools and Equipment

Office is the place where every employee must have full concentration. Not working there with the right tools will make your employees look like they are on indica effects. This is because without the right tools and equipment your employees will wander aimlessly.

Having the right equipment will ensure that your employees are doing their work efficiently and on time. There isn’t anything more counterproductive than spending time aimlessly.

High-quality equipment and modern programs not only bring a massive change to the workforce but also how your company is seen by your clients. Use the latest features to boost productivity on a whole new level.

Upgrade Workplace Surroundings.

Having a comfortable environment results in good productivity. A comfortable working temperature is somewhere between 68 and 70 degrees.

An environment that’s too hot or cold can result in concentration breaking. You don’t want employees to run all around to get coats or an electric fan. Install both heating and air-conditioning systems for their relevant seasons. If you have them installed already then make sure that they are working.

Set Realistic Goals

A commonly occurring problem for business owners is having no clear idea of their employees’ skill set and if they are performing high or not.

Are your employees not performing up to the mark? Help them by offering achievable goals rather than unrealistic goals. Help them with clear supervision to meet their expectations as well as yours.

This small step will increase your productivity as your employees will have a clear focus and goals to work with.

Practice Positive Interaction

Encourage, motivate and reward are the three most powerful tools to set your crew on track.

Give feedback to your employees if they are doing a good job. And if they are having a bad day then give them constructive criticism. Don’t make your employees feel bad in any way.

Most importantly, you can offer personal incentives upon them completing their tasks up to the mark on a regular basis. You don’t need to offer monumental incentives. Maybe a Starbucks coffee on the boss or an extra holiday is good enough.

Make a clear indication of the success of one staff to another to motivate them. This will plant the seed of motivation amongst our staff. Motivating your employees to work harder will result in increased productivity, as then they will have the motivation to surpass each-other with better work.

Keep Employees Happy

A workplace that is full of stress demotivates workers to work properly. Employees that work under a high-pressure environment are found to be less productive. Having too much pressure on the employees will result in disengagement of their work.

You need to make your employees happy for them to work properly. Take your employees on a field trip, show appreciation of them, respect them and value them.

Being connected on social media such as Facebook or Twitter isn’t good enough. Take the time to know them personally. Get acquainted with them.


Maintaining a good relationship with your staff is the key to productivity.

Having a good relationship with your staff will result in your company having better results. These are the lean principles that every owner should practice to improve productivity.

Kathrin garner
Kathrin Garner

Kathrin is an enthusiastic journalist and writes article on social issues. As an activist, she takes part in FV KASA program, which is a discussion platform on the relevant cannabis topics. So, if you want to know the best how to cleanse your body, feel free to contact her. Also, she is a volunteer at Marijuana Detox. She searches for current issues, and writes about it to a wide range of readers.

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