The Weekly Review, Revised

Published on July 16, 2015 by Francisco Sáez

We have improved the Weekly Review process in FacileThings.

It’s been just over a year when we developed the guide to do the Weekly Review in our GTD app FacileThings. It’s a tool that provides you with the necessary work structure to help you consolidate the habit of reviewing.

During this time we have found different points of improvement, thanks largely to the feedback received from our users, and the time has come to apply them.

So here are the improvements you will find the next time you do your Weekly Review:

Projects Review


FacileThings: Changelog (July 2015)

Published on July 09, 2015 by Francisco Sáez

A list of minor changes and bug fixes on FacileThings.

Here is a list of minor changes and bug fixes that have been made on FacileThings in recent weeks:

Fixed sidebar

In our last update, project management with Personal Kanban, we introduced in the Projects section a line to get a separated scroll in the left menu and the page content. Since it provides greater control over what you want to view, we also extended the use of this fixed sidebar to the other sections:

fixed sidebar


New GTD Project Management in FacileThings: Personal Kanban

Published on June 17, 2015 by Francisco Sáez

From now on, you can choose Kanban Personal to manage specific projects in your GTD system.

In GTD, most of your projects (by definition, any outcome that needs more than one action step) will be a sequence of actions to be performed one after the other to achieve the end result. In such projects, FacileThings shows you only the very first next action of each project in the Next Actions list. And when you complete it, the following action shows up automatically. So straightforward.

However there are cases, in projects that are more complex and/or more people are involved, where it can be convenient to have more than one action of the same project active in your Next Actions list.

We have researched into different ways to allow you to manage such projects. After testing different kinds of diagrams and methods, we have chosen to implement a Kanban-type management, for several reasons:

  • Its simple and visual character is suitable for anyone. No need to be an engineer to manage a project.
  • Despite its simplicity, it’s very powerful.
  • It is a flexible and lean system, highly consistent with the GTD philosophy.

FacileThings: Changelog (April 2015)

Published on April 16, 2015 by Francisco Sáez

A list of minor changes and bug fixes on FacileThings.

This is a list of small changes and bug fixes that have been introduced in FacileThings in recent weeks:

New date-time picker

Some time ago we changed the date-time picker that is used to assign a reminder to a task. The former became outdated and didn’t allow you to select hours from a tablet.

date picker


FacileThings Calendar: New Views By Day, Week And Month

Published on April 06, 2015 by Francisco Sáez

We have updated FacileThings with new Calendar views and some improvements in the synchronization with Google Calendar.

Today we have updated FacileThings with interesting improvements in the use of the Calendar.

In addition to the traditional view of “event list”, now you have a monthly, weekly and daily view of your Calendar, allowing you to have a better perspective of upcoming events.

calendar month view

The buttons on the top right (1) lets you switch between the standard view and the daily, weekly and monthly views. The system will remember the last view you used and it will be shown the next time you visit the Calendar list. The second button group (2) lets you move through the calendar, going to the previous or next day, week or month—depending on the view in which you are. The “today” button helps you quickly return to the initial state.


FacileThings: Changelog (January 2015)

Published on January 30, 2015 by Francisco Sáez

A list of minor changes and bug fixes on FacileThings.

In recent weeks we have made some minor changes and bug fixes in FacileThings. Here is the list of modifications.

Reference Material

We added the Perspective tab when editing an item belonging to the Reference Material list. This way, you can change the project the information belongs to (before you could not) and assign material specifically to a goal or area of responsibility.

editing reference material


FacileThings Report: Survey Results and Goals for 2015

Published on January 07, 2015 by Francisco Sáez

FacileThings Annual Report, market analysis and strategic plan for 2015.

In any project that requires some creativity—as any endeavor—it’s necessary to switch from time to time between acting and reflecting. Sometimes you have to shutdown, stop doing things, think of what you’ve done so far and discuss what should be the next steps to follow.

In FacileThings we have dedicated the month of December to make a full big-picture review. We’ve reviewed and analyzed a lot of data to see how we can improve the lives of our users for the next year, while we maintain our vision of developing a personal productivity tool based 100% on the GTD methodology.

For this, a very important source of data comes from a survey we conducted among our customers in late November 1. Below I show you the results of the survey, along with some conclusions and our development plan for 2015.

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