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Natural Planning Model

This is a very effective way to plan projects, because it allows you to get maximum value with minimum effort. It is an informal approach that does not require great elaboration. Although you don’t realize it, you usually do these five things to accomplish any task, no matter how simple it is:

  1. You define your purpose and principles. Why are you doing this? What is the objective of the project?
  2. You envision the outcome. What is the result that would allow you to say that the project has been successful?
  3. You get ideas. How could you do it? Capture all the ideas that come to your head, without prejudice.
  4. You organize everything. Now you can identify the different components of the project and define the sequence of activities to be undertaken as well as their priorities.
  5. You identify the next actions. What are the next actions for each of the moving parts of the project?

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