Stress-free productivity does exist

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Productivity and GTD

Make ideas happen

How to Make Your Ideas Happen, with the Help of GTD

Although the good execution of an idea is essential for it to become a reality, the truth is that the root of all innovation — and of any creative work — is in an idea that someone had at a given moment and did not let it slip through the cracks.

Productivity and GTD

Productive environment

How to Make Yourself Productive by Changing Your Environment

Have you been less productive recently? It usually starts when you find yourself thinking of something insignificant, when you’re supposed to be working. Sometimes, you find yourself just staring blankly at the document you should be working on, or notice that you’re struggling to focus on finishing your work. At times, you’ll even discover that you have repeated the same task a few times without making progress.

Productivity and GTD

Meditation at work

Meditation Techniques To Boost Productivity at Work

We often picture meditation as something we can only do when we are at leisure, in comfortable surroundings. But most of our stress doesn’t always come from our leisure time – it comes from work.

Productivity and GTD

Productivity enhancement

Productivity Enhancement: Top 7 Tips for an Employer

Productivity seems to be a favorite word among managers and employers, and for a good reason. In today’s world, it is incredibly difficult to run a successful business, simply because there is so much competition out there. This is why so many employers push their employees to work harder, to work longer, which does produce results, up to a certain point, after which they risk employee burnout. The number of hours worked is not always directly proportional to productivity and company’s bottom line.

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