Stress-free productivity does exist

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Productivity and GTD

Falling off the horse

Have you fallen off the wagon?

Have you tried to implement Getting Things Done in your life and you don’t manage to do it in a consistent way? Have you had some crazy months, full of urgent things, and have you been slowly leaving your personal organization aside? No matter how hard you try, after a period of control, do you always end up overwhelmed and everything goes back to the original chaos?

Productivity and GTD

Big city

Big City or Small Town: What Is More Productive?

I would love to wake up in a house near the woods with fresh air right outside my door. That positive energy is just what I need to start writing. The quietness and stillness of a small town is nothing but perfection for me. But hey – that’s what makes me productive! Benefiting from the benefits big cities bring along has never been a problem for me.

Productivity and GTD

Rushing through mornings

Break These 8 Habits to Boost Your Productivity

Productivity, in simple terms, is measured as the rate of output per unit of input. It defines the effectiveness of effort put in towards completing a task or achieving a pre-defined goal. Everyone aspires to be highly productive, but not everyone is successful in doing so.

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