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Productivity and GTD

Jumping to conclusions

Jumping to Conclusions

Jumping to conclusions is a cognitive distortion that takes place when we judge something or we make a decision without having the necessary facts to do it. It is something very common (surely you do it every day) and it happens because we are not able to distinguish what we see from what we can actually infer.

Productivity and GTD


When to Quit a Project

Quitting a project is very frowned upon. Quitting, in general, is frowned upon — unless what you’re quitting is a bad habit, like alcohol, tobacco or drugs. Quitting is for cowards and losers. Quitting is failing. It is sin.


Miguel varela

Long-distance GTDers: Miguel Varela

We thought that incorporating interviews with experienced FacileThings users to this blog can help other users to understand the difficulties and benefits of GTD and, surely, to solve some doubts.

Productivity and GTD



Some years ago I attended a business creation and management course at the University of Alicante. This course lasted ten weeks and classes were taught by different lecturers which most of them were either advisers or executives in large and medium-sized companies.

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