Stress-free productivity does exist

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Productivity and GTD

Coworking space

Why Coworking Is A Solution For Increased Productivity

Co-working is the newest trend in both freelance and mainstream working. It is a form of office setting that allows people to work together within a common space, but not necessarily on the same project. The workers are primarily independent of each other, but they can always consult, inspire, and motivate each other when the need arises. But does this have any positive impact on productivity?

Productivity and GTD

The power of capture

The Power of Capture

One of the fundamental principles on which the Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology is based on — in order to achieve an effective life with the least amount of stress — is the need to keep a clear head.

Productivity and GTD

Wake up earlier

5 Ways to Wake up Earlier and Have a Productive Morning

The calmness that comes with every morning comes with the strength to continue the business of life. The morning determines how you will use the rest of the day. Life presents a new task for us every day. We either start a new journey or continue from where we stopped the previous day. The successful people in our everyday life usually attribute their success to early morning productivity.

Productivity and GTD

Health and stress free productivity

Your Health and Stress-free Productivity: Top 5 Things to Know

All of us are different people with different habits. While it is easier for some people to get motivated and focused on what they’re doing, other people are struggling with keeping their productivity up while their stress levels are down. We have been all there from time to time, laying at bed awake at night thinking about your work and how you didn’t finish as much as you promised yourself. However, being stressed about your work tasks all the time can have serious consequences on your health, both physical and psychological. Some of the physical symptoms include headaches, muscular tension, heart palpations, sleeping problems, gastrointestinal problems, blood pressure problems, and many more. Psychologically, you might experience depression, anxiety, pessimism, being easily irritated, aggression, isolation, and many more.

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