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Productivity and GTD

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The Five I's of GTD

A few days ago, GTD Times — the official blog of the David Allen company — published a very interesting 3-minute video 1 where David Allen talks about the five stages in the GTD lifecycle. He calls them The Five I’s:

Productivity and GTD

High tech

Do You Need High Tech to Practice GTD?

Technology is sometimes a double edged sword. While it allows you to do more and faster things it also allows you to do the wrong things easier.


Expected dates

Deadlines and Expected Dates

Before introducing a novelty that you can use in FacileThings from today on—the ability to assign expected dates to actions—, let me clarify some basic GTD concepts so you can make the best use of this new functionality.

Productivity and GTD

Growth mindset

Why You Need a Growth Mindset and How You Can Get It

It is said that you have a growth mindset if you are one of those people who believe that—by investing enough time, effort and study—you will be able to acquire any ability. If you believe abilities are innate and that, simply, there is no way of doing that for what you were not born, then you have a fixed mindset.

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