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Productivity and GTD

Changing attitudes

Changing Attitudes

Whenever a FacileThings user cancels his subscription, or simply doesn’t renew it, I try to find out the reasons. If they answer my email and the reason is something that is not working properly, or it’s not easily understood or they just don’t like it, it becomes an opportunity for me to improve the service and avoid that other users end up with the same (bad) experience. However, one of the most usual answers I get is something like “using the application meant doing things in a different way than I am used to”.

Productivity and GTD

What is the next step

The Importance of Next Actions

In GTD we name those things we have captured and are still not processed as “stuff”. And we do it on purpose, to denote their abstract nature, since we haven’t yet paused to think what they really are—although we may have a preconceived idea. Then, when you are processing or clarifying your stuff, the key question is “Is there any action required?”

Productivity and GTD

Failure in the middle

Kanter's Law: Everything Looks like a Failure in the Middle

Every time you are learning something new, developing a new habit or running a big project, there are always moments in which thoughts invade your mind. It looks like you don’t move on, you don’t feel comfortable and your goal seems too far away.

Productivity and GTD

To do list

Why Your To-Do Lists Are Not Effective

The first thing people do when they feel overwhelmed because their life, their job or both, are turning chaotic, is making lists.

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