Stress-free productivity does exist

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Productivity and GTD

Writing and productivity

How to Lift Up Your Productivity through Writing

Have you ever wondered about the true meaning of being productive? Most people would say it’s about achieving more in less time. Yes; that’s called efficiency and it’s an important aspect of productivity. But it’s mostly related to your work. When you think about productivity, you figure out it’s about completing your tasks as efficiently and as quickly as possible.

Productivity and GTD

Organized space

How to Organize Your Office Space to Be More Productive

If you’ve ever tried to work in a cluttered, disorganized space, you know how frazzled that makes you. To be more productive, you need a place for everything so you can find what you need the minute you need it.

Productivity and GTD

Gtd in organizations

GTD in Organizations: Benefits and Challenges

Altough Getting Things Done is essentially an individual oriented management method, more and more organizations, companies and work teams are trying to incorporate the GTD culture among their members. It might seem obvious that, when each worker enjoys a sense of clarity and control with respect to their work, the collective result benefits to a large extent.

Productivity and GTD

Turn things around

How to Turn Things around When Being Productive Seems Impossible

Many people are aware of the importance of achieving a good level of personal productivity to have a better life in general. They know that it’s not just about doing more things, but rather doing them better, intelligently, spending less time with them, using certain mechanisms, connections, and synergies to achieve better results. They know that mastering the management of oneself will help them have a greater control over their life, less stress, more time to enjoy what they like and the people they care about… And they know that this will impact almost every aspect of their life, and ultimately, of their overall happiness.

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