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Productivity and GTD

Remote worker morning ritual

Why All Remote Workers Should Have a Morning Ritual

If you’re now working remotely, or have been for a while, you’re one of many. Working from home is becoming an increasingly viable option as technology advances to provide the ability to do so. But sometimes, getting down a morning ritual to wake yourself up can be tricky. Luckily, there are steps you can take to help you get into positive habits that will shape your day.

Productivity and GTD

Getting things done freelance

Top 10 Tips to Get Things Done for Freelancers

Working from home can be a challenge for anyone and it takes a lot of determination for someone to stay focused and complete a certain task if they do not feel the pressure of working in an office. Being a freelancer can be very liberating and can allow you to work under your own terms but you need to find ways to stay productive and work hard to achieve your goals.


Weekly review high five

The Weekly Review, Updated and Improved!

No matter how good your intentions are, sooner or later your personal organization system is going to be outdated, even a little, even for a while. Things are going to come faster than you can digest, and you will have the feeling that you are losing control. Your system will no longer accurately reflect your reality and stress will return.

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