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Productivity and GTD

Failure in the middle

Kanter's Law: Everything Looks like a Failure in the Middle

Every time you are learning something new, developing a new habit or running a big project, there are always moments in which thoughts invade your mind. It looks like you don’t move on, you don’t feel comfortable and your goal seems too far away.

Productivity and GTD

To do list

Why Your To-Do Lists Are Not Effective

The first thing people do when they feel overwhelmed because their life, their job or both, are turning chaotic, is making lists.

Productivity and GTD

Blog productivity

Basic GTD: Incubating

When you are processing your inbox, that is, clarifying the meaning of those things you have captured before, you will probably find some that don’t need any action right now but might need it in the future. They are actions like the following:


Blog default

Email-To-Inbox Enhancements

Today we have updated FacileThings with some enhancements that will make the use of emails more useful and manageable. From now on, when you send an email to the FacileThings Inbox, you will see the email content in its original format 1, HTML in most cases:

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