Stress-free productivity does exist

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Productivity and GTD


Resting Properly, Key to Your Productivity

In order to be productive throughout the day it’s not enough to have a personal organization system functioning perfectly. You need to have the capacity to paying attention so you can properly focus on every task and, on top of that, the energy to face them. If you’re not capable of managing these parameters it could take you two hours to do something that normally would take you one hour. Your efficiency may be dramatically reduced.


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The Daily and Weekly Reports, Updated

This week we have added a new server exclusively dedicated to the massive release of emails. The main objective was to avoid decreases in the FacileThings app performance when emails are batched.

Productivity and GTD

Project management

Project Management with GTD

Project management is a very easy and powerful component of GTD. However, it’s a bit confusing and it is sometimes used incorrectly. People used to using simple to-do lists don’t really know how to define and manage their projects, and those who have experience in project management in the business world try to use the same approach that is already familiar.

Productivity and GTD

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19 Science-Backed Hacks to Improve Productivity [Infographic]

We’re constantly striving to make the most out of our workday, but that doesn’t always mean working extra hours. If you find ways to boost your productivity, you work smarter instead of longer and harder. There are many small factors that influence productivity, from your work environment to your break habits. Did you know that the presence of plants has been found to increase worker productivity up to 15% or that taking a break to look at cute pictures can increase concentration tasks by 44%?

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