Stress-free productivity does exist

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Productivity and GTD

Productive mindset

5 Mindset Features of Highly-Productive People

What is it that makes people successful? There are so many answers to this question, and interestingly, very few of them are untrue. Everyone seems to have a different idea as to what it is that makes a person successful, and we all share the need to become one. At its core, success is a result of numerous factors, the ultimate one being productivity.

Productivity and GTD

Using lists

Being Organized Is All about Lists

While some people believe that GTD is a personal management system somewhat complicated to implement, the truth is that it’s extremely simple. Technically, it’s just about managing lists, and that’s something that is available to all of us. Lists let you capture an inventory of all your activities and review it when necessary.

Productivity and GTD

Morning routine

5 Productivity Habits to Hack Your Morning Routine

What’s the first thing you do when you hop out of bed in the morning? Perhaps you make your way to the bathroom to brush your teeth while listening to your favorite podcast.

Productivity and GTD

Intensity of focus

Intensity of Focus

Batching is a working method that has always been associated, rightfully, with high rates of personal productivity. It basically consists of grouping tasks of the same type — they require the same tools, the same preparation or the same mental state — and complete them one after the other, remaining undisturbed.

Productivity and GTD

Technology in life

How Technology Ruins Our Lives

From the time our grandparents complained about kids sitting in front of the ‘boob tube’ to our parents lamenting our interest in video games, technology has certainly taken a lot of blame. That continues today. In fact, recently a former Google employee made news with his statements on the dangers of social media and smartphones. He referred to these technologies as an existential threat. Is he right?

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