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Productivity and GTD

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Five Tips for Being a Successful GTDer

After many years practicing GTD — and after some challenges faced — I have achieved a life in which neither organization nor order are a problem for me since they are so integrated and related that I don’t realize they exist.

Productivity and GTD

Cleaning the house

Do Not Clean the House, Keep It Clean

If you are like most people, surely you like keeping the house clean but you don’t enjoy cleaning. On top of this, you are probably less willing to clean when the house is dirtier. As dust accumulates, the amount of dirty clothes keeps increasing and clutter becomes generalized, the idea of starting the cleaning becomes more and more scary. Hence, everything is getting dirtier and your willingness to clean, smaller and smaller.

Productivity and GTD

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Managing the “Someday Maybes” with GTD

In a personal productivity system a la GTD, the most important category of elements that don’t require any action is probably the one constituted by those things you don’t have the intention of working on for now but you would like to reconsider in the future.

Productivity and GTD

Pursuit of happiness 2

GTD and the Pursuit of Happiness

Today, I want to share with you a post that was published by a guy from Ottawa (Canada) on LinkedIn a few days ago. His name is Aatik Chopra and I loved the way in which, with a few simple words, he defined how should be the pursuit of happiness:

Productivity and GTD

Having great ideas

How to Get Great Ideas

Have you ever spent several hours trying to solve a problem without getting it, and a couple of days later, when you had already forgotten about it, you suddenly wake up in the middle of the night with the solution in your mind? Or maybe the solution has come to you when you were relaxed taking a hot shower?

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