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Productivity and GTD


Why I Stopped Using Pocket to Capture Stuff

I suppose you know Pocket. It is an excellent service that allows you to save all kinds of links to read or watch later. It integrates perfectly with all your social media, your email, your browsers and all your mobile devices, so that whenever you find something that seems interesting, wherever you are, and you don’t have enough time to go through it thoroughly, you can capture it with just a simple click to look it up later. Frankly, I believe it’s a great idea.

Productivity and GTD

Work smarter

6 Workflow Improvements You Need To Make Before Thanksgiving

Now that summer is over, and everyone has returned from vacations and getaways, there is ample opportunity again for many businesses. Lead opportunities are bound to increase after the annual summer slowdown, making an efficient workflow vital to get the most out of this period.

Productivity and GTD

Raise awareness

Raise Awareness to Improve Your Effectiveness

Sir John Whitmore, British racing driver and author of the classic book Coaching For Performance, used to say that if you know the basic principles of what he called coaching, you can not only help others reach their goals, but also apply them to any aspect of your life to improve constantly your own performance and, for that matter, the obtained results.

Productivity and GTD

Speed and productivity

About clicks, shortcuts, speed and other productivity bullshit

In forums regarding personal productivity, GTD, and mainly, personal management apps, I always find quite a big percentage of people who are really worried about questions regarding speed. Why do I need to double click, when I could just click once? why isn’t there a keyboard shortcut for every operation in the app? why does it take a few minutes to perform a specific process instead of just seconds? etc.

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