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Productivity and GTD


Interruptions, the Great Enemy of Personal Productivity

Interruptions are the number one public enemy in the field of personal productivity. If you don’t get things done on time and you need to work late, or even on weekends, it’s probably because there have been many interruptions at work. In other words, it’s not that you have that much to do, but that you’re not good at managing your attention.

Productivity and GTD

Stress addiction

Are You Addicted To Your Stress?

Have you ever had one of those days where you’re super busy and you just don’t get a chance to relax? You look at the clock, realize the day is over and discover you never even took your lunch?

Productivity and GTD

To do list 2

Why a To-Do List Is Not Enough

Today, the to-do list is probably the simplest and most used tool by those who try to put some order in their daily activity. Basically, it is just a list of things to do, usually on the same day or in a short period of time, that is somehow ordered by priorities.

Productivity and GTD

Jumping to conclusions

Jumping to Conclusions

Jumping to conclusions is a cognitive distortion that occurs when we make a decision, or we judge something without having all the facts that are necessary. It is something extremely common, and you might just find yourself doing it on a daily basis. It happens because we aren’t capable of actually distinguishing what we see from what we are taking for granted.

Productivity and GTD


When to Quit a Project

Quitting a project is very frowned upon. Quitting, in general, is frowned upon — unless what you’re quitting is a bad habit, like alcohol, tobacco or drugs. Quitting is for cowards and losers. Quitting is failing. It is sin.

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