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Personal Productivity

Parents working from home

How to Be Productive Working from Home as a Parent

The Coronavirus pandemic has swept the globe in ways many people couldn’t even imagine. The illness that has infected more than two million people across the globe has done much more than cause people to get sick. It has impacted the job market as well.

Personal Productivity

Productive morning routine

How To Start Your Morning Right

Everyone has had a bad day at least once in their lifetime. Experts argue that bad days are mostly precipitated by bad morning routines. If you fail to start your morning right, you might end up struggling to find your right footing all day long. That is why good morning habits are crucial in everybody’s life.

Personal Productivity

Bad productivity habits

Break These 8 Bad Habits to Boost Your Productivity

Are you continually chasing deadlines? Are you always behind schedule on everything? Do you also “accidentally” spend an hour on social media and get no work done? We’ve all been there. The stress and work pressure can get to the best of us. You have your dream job, earn a handsome amount and still feel demotivated. Bad habits are stealthy, sneaking into your daily routine when you least expect it. They hog on your time, affect your creativity and can even lead to burnout. Don’t let procrastination become a personality trait. Break these eight bad habits to boost your productivity.

Personal Productivity

Wake up earlier

5 Ways to Wake up Earlier and Have a Productive Morning

The calmness that comes with every morning comes with the strength to continue the business of life. The morning determines how you will use the rest of the day. Life presents a new task for us every day. We either start a new journey or continue from where we stopped the previous day. The successful people in our everyday life usually attribute their success to early morning productivity.

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