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Personal Productivity

Productivity systems

Top Productivity Systems That Can Help With Personal Productivity

If you have observed very well, distractions can come in various ways while you are tending to a particular assignment. It is so bad that even when you are bound by a fast-approaching deadline, you find yourself succumbing to some form of distraction. For example, you are in the middle of doing an article, your phone is nearby and then a notification on Facebook pops up letting you know it is a close friend’s wedding anniversary. You get tempted to send a quick message and before you know it, picture reminders of years past start popping up also and you remember you were working after an hour of being on Facebook!

Personal Productivity

Maintaining personal growth

How to Cultivate & Maintain Personal Growth

Personal growth can impact every area of your personal and professional lives. At work, it can help with your productivity, efficiency, communication, and how you interact with bosses and coworkers. Personally, growth can impact your finances, family, friendships, and your mental and physical health.

Personal Productivity

3x3 goal achievement

Your Online Guide to Using a 3x3 Goal Achievement Strategy

Setting goals are one of the best things you can do for yourself. With a clear destination in mind, you can easily set out on your journey of life with purpose and meaning to find fulfillment in whatever you want to achieve. With these things in mind, you can easily live the life you want to live.

Personal Productivity

Map of aims

The Map of Aims - the Way to Productive Life

When you’re traveling, you usually plan your trip, meaning you organize your routes and sightseeing in advance because you want to get the most of your journey.

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