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FacileThings: Changelog (February 2018)

These last weeks we have focused on solving errors that were affecting the performance and availability of the system, but some of the small improvements we have made deserve to be mentioned:

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FacileThings Goals for 2018

This year, we haven’t done any survey among our users to define the priorities of our next developments. There are several reasons that justify this:

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New Google Calendar Integration!

Today we have updated the integration with Google Calendar. In fact, we have developed a completely new system, starting from scratch, to take advantage of version 3 of the Google Calendar API. The great novelties of this new integration are:

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New Project Management: Subprojects and Much More!

We have just released the new Projects section. Besides integrating the new design that we had introduced with the Dashboard and that we will be incorporating gradually in the sections left, we have changed all internal programming to improve significantly performance and execution speed. We have also added tons of improvements. But let’s go step by step.

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