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Is gtd for you

Is GTD for You?

Many people who approach the GTD methodology (Getting Things Done) don’t really know what it is and how it can benefit them. In this article I’ll try to make that second part clearer.

Gtd get things done

How I Learned to Suck Less at GTD

Do you always find yourself overburdened by numerous pending tasks? Are you finding it hard to meet deadlines and feel like there are multiple things to be done at all times? If yes, then don’t panic, you are not alone! Most people find it a challenge to manage several things simultaneously and struggle to find the right balance. The struggle is not restricted to office or school work only, people find it difficult to GTD in their general lives as well.

Sars cov 19

Productivity is being disrupted by COVID-19. Are we prepared?

Covid-19, the new coronavirus that was born in China in early December, is spreading worldwide. It’s estimated that approximately 25% to 70% of the population of any infected country will suffer from the disease. China’s experience suggests that 80% of cases will be mild, 15% will require hospitalization, and 5% will need intensive treatment.

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