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Getting Things Done - GTD

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GTD for Students

Whether you are studying a master’s degree or learning a new language on your own, you will surely have to mix studying with other activities such as working or running a household.

Getting Things Done - GTD

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Batching and GTD

Preparing a 6-people paella is not very different from preparing a 3-people paella. It virtually requires the same time and effort, but the former will feed twice as many people. Also, running the washing machine with a few clothes requires the same resources—time and energy—than running it with 5 kg of dirty laundry.

Getting Things Done - GTD

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When things get tough...

When you begin to use GTD you usually find yourself with some mixed feelings. First, once you achieve to collect, process and organize all your outstanding actions—which is a hard job the first time you do it—, you have the rewarding feeling that everything is under control. You know all you have to do, what your priorities are and, most importantly, what things you’re not doing when you decide to spend some time with your family, friends or hobbies. This puts your mind at rest, allowing you to truly enjoy the time that you do nothing.

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