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Productivity and GTD

Traveling and coworking

Work & Travel: Pro’s and Con’s of Using Co-Working Spaces

Co-working spaces are offices where you can rent a desk, or meeting rooms, on a temporary or permanent basis. Sharing the space with other workers. They can be a great option if you run a start-up and can’t afford your own premises at this point, are a freelancer or, you are travelling.

Productivity and GTD

Temperature at work

How Does Temperature Affect Work Productivity?

Have you ever tried to change the temperature without anyone knowing? If you work in an office, or anywhere indoors, you may be familiar with the temperature debates. Sometimes it’s too hot and other times it’s too cold, but there never seems to be a balance.

Productivity and GTD

Sars cov 19

Productivity is being disrupted by COVID-19. Are we prepared?

Covid-19, the new coronavirus that was born in China in early December, is spreading worldwide. It’s estimated that approximately 25% to 70% of the population of any infected country will suffer from the disease. China’s experience suggests that 80% of cases will be mild, 15% will require hospitalization, and 5% will need intensive treatment.

Productivity and GTD

Cohesive team

Here’s How to Assemble, Motivate and Keep a Great Team Happy!

Let’s play a word association game! Jumper-Athlete, Jupiter-Planet, Hero-Spiderman, Greek-God, Team-Spirit….. Stop! That’s our topic of the day. Now there is a reason why we cannot separate the term team spirit. It reflects a well-orchestrated functioning group of people, working efficiently towards a common goal. But at the same time, the term can become your worst nightmare especially if it is divided into two and don’t get along.

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