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Six-Level Model for Reviewing Your Own Work

The GTD’s Six-Level Model for Reviewing Your Own Work allows you to reflect on what underlies your personal life and work and, as a result, be clear about the priorities that should govern your decisions.

It is a hierarchical model of priorities in which each level should enhance and align with the ones above it. They are the following ones:

  1. Purpose: It is what gives meaning to your life.
  2. Vision: It is the image you have of yourself in the not too distant future, three to five years.
  3. Goals: They are the achievements you want to achieve in the medium term, usually one or two years, both in your personal life and at work.
  4. Areas of Focus: They are the different facets of your life that you want to improve or maintain at a good level.
  5. Projects: It is any result that requires more than one action to be performed.
  6. Actions: All you need to do to build on the higher levels.

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