FacileThings: Changelog (April 2015)

AUTHOR: Francisco Sáez
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FacileThings: Changelog (April 2015)

This is a list of small changes and bug fixes that have been introduced in FacileThings in recent weeks:

New date-time picker

Some time ago we changed the date-time picker that is used to assign a reminder to a task. The former became outdated and didn’t allow you to select hours from a tablet.

date picker

  1. Here you can select the date or time, depending on the view you are in. There are five views: years, months, days of the month, hours, and minutes of the hour. When you select something, the view automatically switches to the lower level view.
  2. The arrows allow you to move to the previous or next month, day, hour, year or decade, depending on the active view.
  3. Clicking here switches the view to the higher level one.
  4. You can visually check here the date and time that you have selected so far.
  5. This link allows you to clear the current date-time selection.

time picker

In the end, you must click the “Set” button to accept the changes.

Delegating tasks

  • The emails with delegated tasks show, in addition to the description of the task, the name of the project to which they belong, if any.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when delegating tasks under certain circumstances.
  • Now it is not allowed to create two contacts with the same email address, since this creates confusion when delegating tasks.


  • The text to describe a goal now has unlimited length (previously you had only 255 characters to describe a goal.)
  • The goals already achieved no longer appear in the Perspective tab of stuff, projects, routines, etc.
  • Goals are now listed in alphabetical order everywhere.

Keyboard shortcuts

  • Added the ESC key to leave quickly the Collect dialog.
  • When editing actions, you can use the ESC key to exit the window and CTRL+ENTER to update the data.

edit stuff window


  • In projects, we fixed a bug that caused the button “keep order” not to appear in the list of Next Actions of a new project.
  • We have changed our blog RSS feed, making it compatible with Atom (the more widespread format used by RSS readers, like Feedly) and also with the previous version. Now the correct URL is https://facilethings.com/feed/en.

Thanks to all the FacileThings users for your suggestions and for reporting the problems you find.

Francisco Sáez

Francisco is the founder and CEO of FacileThings. He is also a Software Engineer who is passionate about personal productivity and the GTD philosophy as a means to a better life.

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Commented about 9 years ago Brecht DE WEIRDT

Thanks Francisco!

avatar Brecht DE WEIRDT

Thanks Francisco!

Commented about 9 years ago Francisco Sáez

You're wecolme, Brecht! :)

avatar Francisco Sáez

You're wecolme, Brecht! :)

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