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Applications are no longer islands in the sea. The standalone application that provided users with everything they need is dead. Thanks to APIs, we can connect with other services, allowing operational complementation and enhancing the resources of our app. FacileThings is no exception. Let us review the benefits of connecting our Twitter and Evernote accounts to this service and how it changes the way we work.

It adds more value to our Twitter favorites. You mark as a fav the stuff you want to keep for a later use. Once read, most of these links will not have real value for you, some of them could be valuable in the future and others will require an action. I’m not trying to be funny or condescending when I say that too much information tends to become excessive trash. Connecting your Twitter account to FacileThings allows you to dump all these favs on your inbox, process them, keep with those that are really useful and discard the meaningless ones.

It will help you keep up with the collected stuff and eliminate the dissatisfaction generated when you mark stuff but do nothing about it. In my opinion, and for my personal use, I would like my favs to get unmarked once imported.

A similar philosophy lies in connecting your Evernote account with your Inbox. You create a notebook named facilethings (or whatever), and all its notes will be imported in your FacileThings inbox, with a description plus a link to the note (by clicking it, your system will open the Evernote local application and load the note). It takes advantage of the full potential of the Evernote collection system, which is multi-platform and has a multitude of ways to receive information. Then you can create the next action needed to move forward. A document, an attachment to a note with a proper description puts FacileThings a click ahead of your reference material.

With the new Project Management UI this concept goes one step further. A project can be linked to an Evernote notebook so you can see all its notes. It is a way to keep Evernote as a centralized repository of all your information and documentary resources. You have a window in FacileThings to watch everything related to your projects.

If you do not have an Evernote account, or you handle your business more comfortably through your e-mail, the application offers you the address [email protected] to send stuff and tasks to your inbox. They must be short emails—only the first 255 characters are used to create the action—and can include links, tags or reminders to define the action.

Just a tip: Before using these resources, be sure to visit the settings section of your account to properly configure the services. It will save time and trouble ;-)

David Torné

David is a blogger who specializes in personal productivity and GTD. Professional software developer and vocational disseminator of everything related to productivity. Follow him in his blog.

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