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Flesh is weak so I eventually ended up falling and filling my pocket with a nice smartphone. In an attempt to give a role to each of my gadgets, I am figuring out the benefits of serveral applications, including FacileThings Mobile. What can I highlight?

First of all, I want to mention it is not an application you can install on your device, it is a web application for mobile devices. On platforms like Android you can create a shortcut on your desktop. If you are using another mobile platform, you can at least bookmark it in your browser. You can get quick access to your workflow by configuring your browser to remember your login data.

The application follows the same philosophy both in mobile and web version. It is simple and the organization is almost identical, except for the access to the inbox. We have a section to collect and a list for the collected stuff—called stuff—, but we do not have permanent access to the collecting textbox to record ideas on the go as in the classic interface. This may make it difficult to maintain our ‘flow’ if we are working continuously with the smartphone. However, I believe that having access to a mobile version of the service can result in a number of enhancements:

  1. You can collect stuff directly into your FacileThings inbox, not having to use other applications. If you are geek enough you can forget your notebook and send every thing to your FacileThings inbox. I personally am not going to do that, since I prefer to think on paper before defining the actual actions and projects.
  2. You can access your workflow from anywhere, no need to be sitting in front of a computer. This is important in those moments you need access your lists of tasks to fill in the blanks in your day or to remember what scheduled commitments are coming next. Reviewing your tasks may trigger new thoughts that lead you to rethink issues in a more efficient or rational way.
  3. You can reorganize your work at any time without further update. During lunchtime, after visiting a client or at a meeting that generates new business, you can always keep your lists and calendar up-to-date. You enter, you edit, you change your priorities and everything is ready, no need to update information on your computer later neither to synchronize your device. More automation, more efficiency.

Against it, the impossibility of working with the application offline. Nor it is possible in the web, but this feature is quite more important in a mobile device. In favor of it, I like its simplicity and the interface usability. I am sure the FacileThings development team is working to evolve the product and make it a killer app for your smartphone.

David Torné

David is a blogger who specializes in personal productivity and GTD. Professional software developer and vocational disseminator of everything related to productivity. Follow him in his blog.

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Commented almost 12 years ago johnwin


Great post. iOS also allows you to book mark web apps onto the springboard ('desktop')

Just bookmark the page and choose 'Add to Homescreen'

avatar johnwin


Great post. iOS also allows you to book mark web apps onto the springboard ('desktop')

Just bookmark the page and choose 'Add to Homescreen'

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