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AI Will Make Your Employees More Efficient

AUTHOR: Indiana Lee
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AI Will Make Your Employees More Efficient

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a rapidly growing tool in today’s marketplace. Some businesses shy away from utilizing these resources because they believe this technology will intimidate their workforce.

However, when strategically implemented to perform basic, mundane tasks, AI helps employees eliminate redundant tasks, allowing them to address more vital and necessary duties to help scale your business.

Getting Starting With AI by Creating Processes

The key is to create processes that increase productivity with AI, easing the burdens on your staff. Start by determining repetitive tasks. It varies by department, so survey staff to discover which jobs they need to automate the most.

Once you have a list of these tasks, you should select a platform to organize these processes. It’s best to use a digital platform, which can be as simple as spreadsheets. You can also use dedicated documentation software, which is best for big firms.

The next step is to go through each of these processes. How are they currently done? Review the procedures to discover gaps or inconsistencies. How error-prone are these techniques?

Sit down with department heads to strategize how AI can automate these tasks while reducing errors and inconsistencies. If a team is overwhelmed and overworked, AI will be a welcome time-saver to optimize staff members’ work hours.

AI Across Business Departments

Once you understand what processes you can automate to make teams more efficient, it’s time to discover how AI can benefit each department.

Customer Service and Sales

These are two of your most critical departments for building your business. AI helps build trust and confidence for your clientele by offering comprehensive options for customer solutions, which can be essential when your staff is off-the-clock.


Chatbots provide 24-hour automated information so that your customers have support when the team is unavailable. You can program chatbots to step through common questions and procedures to help customers solve problems on the fly.

This technology is not just limited to serving existing customers. With proper programming, chatbots can empower your sales team to recognize qualified lead prospects without weeding through all the responses. Leads are gathered and managed in real-time, so prospective customers get responses immediately. In addition, chatbots can be programmed to automatically set up calls or meetings, getting your prospect to the next step in the sales cycle without a live call.

CCaaS Software

CCaaS stands for Contact Center as a Service. This cloud-based service allows customers to get help through different channels, such as text, email, or social media, rather than just a phone call. It also records these interactions so you can build a better customer experience.


Your accounting department will be one of the most critical areas to automate to avoid errors and manage processes in a timely manner. Some tasks that can be automated with AI include:

  • Processing automated payments, especially for customers using payment apps, crypto, or other cardless transaction services;
  • Scanning apps to help bookkeepers process items faster;
  • Automating accounts receivable processes such as invoices, templates, and reminders, to help customers keep their payments on track.


Today’s marketing departments have a lot on their plates. Social media, content creation, newsletters, advertising, and brand building are just a few of the required tasks. And if there is a crisis involving the company’s reputation, marketers will be called in to address the problem.

AI can perform digital marketing tasks, allowing your team to focus on more pressing issues and challenges. Some of the many marketing tasks you can automate include:

Content Generation

Creating intelligently written copy with ChatGPT is a starting point. AI can also help you segment your audience to share more personalized content with your customers, leading them to a more memorable experience.

Digital Advertising

Automating your digital advertising helps you better target your audience, saving you time and money – and delivering better results.

Data Analyzation

AI can help you analyze information so your marketers can streamline their efforts. Social media content, tracking website users, and newsletter actions help you understand your audience to make more effective changes.

As you can see, AI automation can provide information for teams, clients, and prospects, but it still requires human team members to use this data to build your company.

AI Tools To Benefit Your Company

While the term “AI” may fill employees with trepidation, many of these tools are already in use in the business world. ChatGPT is the latest innovation, but many systems already use AI in familiar apps. Examples include Canva’s magic writing and Grammarly Online Writing Assistant.

Some other beneficial AI tools for business include:

  • Pictory, which creates short branded videos from longer videos;
  • The Fireflies app translates the audio from meetings so that you can skip note-taking;
  • Notion AI produces original content for your copywriting efforts;
  • Personal AI can serve customers with responses, appointment schedules, queries, and more.

Automation is the wave of the future for forward-thinking business leaders. Strategic use of AI enhances productivity and efficiency, allowing your teams to work smarter. The end result will be satisfied customers, quality leads, and a workforce empowered to scale your company to new heights.

Indiana Lee

Indiana is a writer, reader, and jigsaw puzzle enthusiast from the Pacific Northwest. An expert on business operations, leadership, marketing, and lifestyle, you can connect with her on LinkedIn.

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Commented about one year ago Cyrus

Will FacileThings be implementing AI in the future?

avatar Cyrus

Will FacileThings be implementing AI in the future?

Commented about one year ago Francisco Sáez

Hi Cyrus,

Yes. We are discussing where in the system the implementation of AI can actually be useful and not just cosmetic. I invite you to send us your suggestions in a ticket.

avatar Francisco Sáez

Hi Cyrus,

Yes. We are discussing where in the system the implementation of AI can actually be useful and not just cosmetic. I invite you to send us your suggestions in a ticket.

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