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Getting Past the Stereotype: 6 Productivity Tips to Avoid

AUTHOR: Eva Wislow
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Getting Past the Stereotype: 6 Productivity Tips to Avoid

Being productive is a complicated mission. Every one of us wishes to get more done. We’re motivated by our goals, dreams, and desires, and we’d do anything we can to speed up the process. We’re aiming for results, therefore we’ll need to be productive in order to get them.

Unfortunately, the web is filled with confusing information. I say it’s confusing because you never know what to trust; there’s tons of information concerning “productivity”, and everyone’s throwing opinions. In time, many myths are being formed around a lot of subjects.

When we’re talking about the productivity topic, myths are everywhere. Why? Because there are tons of marketers who want to sell their magical products that teach you how to swallow the golden pill which leads to 586% improved productivity. Crap. There’s no such thing as overnight change.

In today’s post, we’re crushing 6 of the most stereotypical and annoying productivity myths that happen to be in full circulation:

1. Hard Work Equals More Results

Hard work doesn’t necessarily mean productive work. It’s the same as the difference between busy and productive. Busy people are not efficient in their work, therefore they’re not obtaining as many results as those individuals who work smart. Yes, you can put up the hours, you can stay busy all the time, but you might take the wrong actions towards your goal.

Smart work always compensates. You’d better work 4 hours, full focus, instead of 8 hours with distractions. Plan everything in advance and make sure to execute everything in the physical plane, not in the mental one.

2. Pressure and Stress Are Your Friends

Many gurus state that stress happens to be their friend. Obviously, many of those who appreciate and value these influencers will adopt this belief as one of their own. Stress is not your friend. In fact, it is your biggest enemy if you let it live for long. You can even tell by your body’s reactions that stress is of a negative nature rather than a positive one.

However, when you’re calm, focused, and motivated to accomplish something, everything will work in your favor.

3. Multitasking is Productive

Did you know that only 2% of the population is capable to multitask efficiently? It turns out that the human brain is not meant to do more things at once. To accomplish a result, you should turn your full attention towards it.

It’s only then when your subconscious mind can work day and night on the solutions for your challenges. When your head is a mess that incorporates a lot of unwritten plans, you’re going to have trouble finishing most of your projects.

4. Doing Everything on Your Own is Beneficial

In order to obtain great results, you shouldn’t do everything on your own. Why? Well, this is pretty obvious…every person is good at some things. In the common workplace situation, every employee has different qualities and personal traits; therefore, every one of these employees might improve one aspect of a company – but only if their potential is leveraged properly.

If you’re not owning a business and or have different aspirations goals for your future (of no professional nature), you should still get in touch with every person who might be able to aid you in doing a better job or in your pursuit of your goals.

5. There’s a “Working System” Out There

Work systems are great. They help you keep on track with your end goals, and they give you small yet effective ways of achieving them. For example, a great system I used in the past looked like this:

I had 1 big, major goal which I expected to be accomplished in one year. Then, I have created a system based on 3 mini-goals in rapport to each month, week, and day.

Yearly Goal: Start a volleyball club
January Goals: a) Scout the competition; b) Develop a branding plan c) Seek gym position
January Week #1 Goals: a) Look up for the competition online; b) Ask around in the local community; c) Talk to some of the competitors
January, Week #1, Day #1 Goals: a) Look up for the competition online b) Decide who I’ll talk to first

As you may see, the daily goals lead to the accomplishment of the weekly goals. When you accomplish weekly goals, you’re one step closer to the monthly goals. When you’re done with your monthly goals, the end-goal is going to be reached!

6. You Need to Be Inspired in Order to Do Great Work

Inspiration comes along with the momentum you create. How do you create momentum? By simply taking action. You need to execute whatever you have in mind and make everything a reality. Inspiration will show once you’re totally connected with your goals.

To fully connect with your aspirations, you should start taking small steps towards achieving each of these dreams of yours. Great work isn’t necessarily the result of inspiration.

Before reaching the state of full inspiration, you should make sure that you’re consistent with what you do and that you’re always on track with what’s going on. Forget this myth and start organizing your work more properly. Once your mind is clean, it will be free to think of brilliant ideas and solutions.


When you stop ignoring the most common productivity myths, you’ll obviously obtain more results. I believe that every “productivity tip” is worth testing, only with one condition. You must apply your “filter of information” as well as you possibly can. Test the advice, see if it works for you, and decide whether it’s really worth keeping around.

Eva Wislow

Eva is an HR executive and career coach at cv writing service Careers Booster. She is focusing on helping people break down their limits, find a dream job and achieve life and career success. She maintains a strong interest in bringing the digital revolution in human resources.

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