FacileThings survey: What new features would you like to get first?

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FacileThings survey: What new features would you like to get first?

Every year we survey our subscribers; we show them a number of new features planned for FacileThings 1 and ask them to vote the three they consider most interesting. The result of the survey helps us to adjust our roadmap to the real needs of the application users.

Some of these features come from recurrent suggestions of our users and others come from our own team, but we think all of them will improve both your experience using the application and your personal productivity.

Two weeks ago we proposed these new features and this is the percentage of users who have voted each one:

1 Tool to help you do the Weekly Review.
A tool to guide you through your Weekly Review, step by step.
2 Natural Planning Tool.
The Natural Planning model will help you cope with more complex projects, following the David Allen’s guidelines.
3 Organizing Projects in the style of Personal Kanban.
Alternatively to the current sequence of next actions, you would have another option. Your Next Actions list would be divided in two columns (“To-do” and “Doing”) that you would handle manually depending on your workload. This system allows you to have several tasks of the same project, at the same time, in your general Next Actions list (more about Personal Kanban here.)
4 A weekly and monthly view of your Calendar. 35.80%
5 Adapting the web application for tablets usage.
The web app will detect that you are accessing from a tablet and will adapt the design, font sizes, buttons, etc. for a better experience.
6 Having specific contexts.
Currently contexts are defined as tags. This is about to separate these two concepts so you can organize your stuff knowing clearly what is a context and what is a tag.
7 Allowing to attach files to any item.
In addition to the Reference Material, you will be allowed to attach files to any single task. This will also allow you to import the email attachments sent to FacileThings.
8 Project Templates.
They will allow you to immediately generate new projects that are usually repeated or similar to others.
9 Integration with Google Drive.
You will be able to attach files from Google Drive as Reference Material.
10 Mobile Application for Windows Phone. 3.09%

I am pleased to see that the first two positions are occupied by the features that are more related to GTD. This indicates that our users are becoming more familiar with the methodology and value it more than other, more technical improvements.

Although David Allen does not mention the Kanban organization for projects in his book, it is very convenient with some types of projects and is widely used by engineers, programmers, designers, etc. I will write about it on this blog soon…

Clearly the use of tablets (especially iPad) is gaining more and more importance. Our first approach will be a complete adaptation of the web app, in which we will incorporate even the ability to work offline.

Ok, let’s get to work!

Many thanks for your help! :)

1 In addition to these new features we have planned many other improvements on the existing functionalities, such as mobile applications, integration with Evernote, etc. We have not included these improvements in the survey, but their development will be interspersed with the new stuff in this list.

Francisco Sáez

Francisco is the founder and CEO of FacileThings. He is also a Software Engineer who is passionate about personal productivity and the GTD philosophy as a means to a better life.

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