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Write a Diary and Get Things Done

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Writing a diary

There’s one common goal that connects us all: we’re all trying to get more things done in less time. It’s a busy time. We’re trying to get somewhere faster, we’re trying to learn more things faster, and we’re constantly chasing close deadlines. How do we achieve everything?

There’s a trick: journaling. A diary will keep you focused on the tasks and it will give you the motivation you need to get more productive. Are you wondering how that will happen?

How Writing a Diary Makes You Productive

1. Daily Entries Boost Your Awareness

When you start writing a diary, it will serve as a reminder of what you’ve achieved throughout the day. Did you spend two entire hours scrolling through Instagram? Well, that won’t seem like a huge achievement when you write it in the diary. No big deal. You’ll keep writing what you did throughout your days, without being judgmental towards yourself. It doesn’t matter whether you write in a “real” notebook or you prefer an online diary; the ritual will be the same.

As you keep mentioning the distractions you’re prone to, you’ll be sending signals to your subconscious levels. At the end of an entry, just write: “Tomorrow, I’ll get more things done.” That thought will stick with you. Tomorrow is a new day.

This practice has a subtle, but very powerful effect. It changes your mindset. It makes you fully aware of all distractions when you think about them at night. However, you’ll also become aware of them at the moment when you’re experiencing them, and that’s when you’ll have power to change things. Journaling is just the beginning.

2. Writing Makes You More Creative

Productivity is closely related to creativity. When you have a lot of tasks to complete, you’re not just doing technicalities. You are investing your creative force into everything you do. That’s the only way to achieve extraordinary results.

As for writing, it definitely supports the creative processes. Maybe it will be difficult for you to trigger your creative energy when working on a particularly important task. At that moment, just write a brief entry in your diary. You don’t have to think of a specific topic, but you may do that if you prefer. Just set your mind free and write whatever ideas you think of.

Did you know that Marcel Proust got inspired to write a series of novels by a single madeleine, which evoked all memories of his past? That’s how powerful simple moments can be. Take those moments. Write about them. You’ll be surprised to see urges of creativity that push you to do something different with your life.

3. It Makes You Proactive, Too

You know that you can’t be productive if you’re not proactive. When you’re proactive, you take responsibility for your life and you push things forward. That’s the point of productivity, too. What does your diary have to do with that? Well, journaling helps you find solutions.

When you’re facing a dead-end situation and you don’t know what action to take, just write about it. Express yourself. Let your thoughts flow and you’ll find the solution in your subconscious levels. If you know what you need to do but you’re afraid to make that step, writing about it will help you see the realistic situation.

4. The Diary Helps You Overcome a Burnout

When you’re trying to be really productive, you’re investing a lot of mental and physical energy in your daily goals. At one point or another, you’ll hit the burnout. This state is absolutely devastating. You know you have to carry on, but you don’t have the strength to do it.

At that point, it’s important to write in your diary. It will free up your mental energy. Write something to motivate yourself. Write how much you need that job and how great you’ll feel once you’re done with the task. Remind yourself of the inspiration you had when you started working and write about it.

5. It Will Teach You Self-Discipline

Maybe you’ll have to force yourself to write an entry every single day. You’ll want to skip today, thinking “I’ll just write more tomorrow.” Don’t do that! Make a commitment: write something every day. It doesn’t matter how lazy, uninspired, or tired you are. Just write. It will only take five minutes.

You don’t have to write a huge essay. Even if it’s a single sentence, write it. You’ll push yourself to write at the beginning, but this will slowly turn into a habit. You’re training your mind to commit to a goal, and that’s how you’re improving your self-discipline. Clearly, that mindset will have a real effect on your overall productivity.

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Some people think that journaling is an outdated method of expression. It’s not. Expressing your feelings and thoughts never gets old or less important. In the era of socializing, when we’re creating our online personas that are not completely genuine, the diary is even more important. It keeps you in touch with your inner self. It inspires you to take action. Most of all, it makes you more productive!

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