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Your Online Guide to Using a 3x3 Goal Achievement Strategy

AUTHOR: Emily Williams
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Your Online Guide to Using a 3x3 Goal Achievement Strategy

Setting goals are one of the best things you can do for yourself. With a clear destination in mind, you can easily set out on your journey of life with purpose and meaning to find fulfillment in whatever you want to achieve. With these things in mind, you can easily live the life you want to live.

However, setting goals and then making them become a reality is easier said than done. After all, how many people make New Year’s Resolutions and then drop them after the first week? Surely there must be a better way?

In short, yes, there is.

Today we’re going to explore the 3×3 goal achievement strategy; a tried-and-tested way to help you nurture your goals and aspirations and then turn them into a successful venture. Let’s go.

Three Number One

The first three in the strategy refers to the three main goals you want to achieve. This means setting three big goals, no matter how big they are. You need to make sure you’re crystal-clear with what these goals are and why you want to achieve them.

“This is so important because so many of us have so many goals and if we try and tackle 50 goals at once, we simply don’t have enough energy to make it work, and we end up burning ourselves out and becoming overwhelmed,” shares Sarah Farrow, a tech writer for Australia2Write.

Instead, out of your big list of goals, choose the three favorites that you want to work on. This is your first three. Energy is such an important part to consider when it comes to goals and making sure they’re achievable.

In reality, it’s been proven time and time again that 20% of your actions will generate 80% of the results, which means you need to be careful and mindful of where you’re spending that 20%. If you spend it all on procrastinating, mucking around or not being focused when you’re working on your goals, you’ll quickly fall out of touch with them.

Three Number Two

The second number three in our strategy refers to breaking those three goals each down into three smaller goals. This makes the goal much more manageable and much easier to achieve. For example, if you’re planning on writing a book this year, you could split this down into writing the beginning in the first third of the year, the middle in the second and the end in the third.

By adding a time limit in this way, you’re creating a healthy pressure for you to reach for that’s not only manageable but also motivational. Any big goals can simply be broken down into easy and manageable steps that make even the most daunting of goals a walk in the past.

“Since the steps are so easy to take, you’ll be far more inspired to actually achieve your goals and keep these healthy habits going, rather than just giving them a go for a bit and then falling short when you come across the first obstacle” explains Tom Hardy, an AI specialist for Next Coursework and Brit Student.

Applying to Different Parts of Your Life

You don’t have to apply the 3×3 goal achievement strategy to just your yearly plans, but you can apply them monthly, weekly, or even daily. It’s really up to you and how you want to work at what you want to achieve.

For example, if you’re writing a book, using what we said above, if you break the year goal of writing a book down into three parts of the year, and then breaking these three times down again into three separate sections and then applying them in three chunks, you’ll make your goals so much more achievable.

Prioritizing Your Goals

Before you jump in and start working on your goals when you’re choosing which goals are your Big 3, you need to make sure you’re choosing the goals that are most important to you, and there’s no reason you can’t take your time to think about what these are.

You don’t want to invest a ton of time and effort into creating goals that you then realize aren’t very important to you right now, and you would rather be spending your time elsewhere. Take your time and be patient with what you want to achieve. There’s no rush when it comes to living the life you want to live.

Emily Williams

Emily works as a passionate personal development coach and writer at She loves getting engaged with the readers who are seeking personal growth-related information, start-ups, and self-development. With more than five years of experience, she enjoys supporting smart people to achieve online success.

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