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How To Start Your Morning Right

AUTHOR: Lena Linetti
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How To Start Your Morning Right

Everyone has had a bad day at least once in their lifetime. Experts argue that bad days are mostly precipitated by bad morning routines. If you fail to start your morning right, you might end up struggling to find your right footing all day long. That is why good morning habits are crucial in everybody’s life.

But if you are like most people, you hate the sound of your alarm clock. Somehow, your morning has a way of making you feel cranky and fatigued, sometimes to the point of wishing you didn’t have to wake up ever again in your life. However, if you are on vacation, for example, the feeling is not the same. If let’s say, you have traveled to Florida, and rented a vacation rental, once the alarm goes on, you will delightfully wake up, knowing that there is a lot to explore and beautiful things to see. The good thing is that your problem is an easy fix. Incorporate these 5 habits into your morning routine and that chronic crankiness and fatigue will gradually disappear.

When you wake up early, you spare yourself the hustle of running up and down trying to beat the clock. You are able to clean your house, make your bed, shower, prepare breakfast, exercise, and do whatever it is that you do in the morning in a calm manner. Also, early risers always have a few minutes to sit quietly and introspect. And when in the shower, they have the time to relax for as long as they want. These are some of the ways of getting your mind frame right for the day.

1. Avoid overusing your mental energy

You obviously have a morning routine that you are accustomed to, either consciously or subconsciously. From your routine, think of 5 things that you do after waking up and write them down. Are all of them really necessary? If you think about it, some of them eat up your mental energy for nothing. They aren’t helpful at all.

Most people use up their working memory cursing their roommates, worrying about politics, or being angry at the referee for making an unfair decision in an “important” game the previous night. That can be anything but necessary. Also, do you really have to waste a whole quarter-hour figuring out what you will wear to work?

It is time you repurposed your mental energy to more fundamental issues. Remember that your mind is freshest in the morning, so that is the time to think about how you will get the necessary financing to buy a house, how you will go back to college, or how you will start your small company. Leave the small stuff for the evening when your mind is tired and unproductive.

2. Detach from technology

Most people start their morning with a quick scan through social media, emails, and morning TV talk shows. If you are like them, you really need to detach from that habit. Don’t let your smartphone to be the last thing you drop at night and the first thing you check in the morning. You surely are doing your career and life a disservice by watching too much news in the morning, partly because it wastes your precious time and partly because it damages your inner peace. Note that having to process too much information early in the morning transforms your mind from being proactive to being reactive, meaning that you will spend most of your day in a defensive mode. You cannot focus on the present with such a mind.

3. Save a few minutes for meditation

Take a few minutes to meditate and reflect. Don’t be like most people who think that meditation is boring and annoying. Sitting comfortably on a mat and breathing out all negative thoughts helps you to clear your mind and create room for positive vibes. How long you meditate, it doesn’t matter much. The important thing is to nourish your spiritual well-being every morning in readiness for the day’s tasks.

4. Eat well

This is a cliché, of course, but it will never get old: Always eat a healthy breakfast as it is the most important of the day’s three meals. It gives you all the energy you need to focus on the day’s job.

5. Take care of plants

Indoor house plants are highly beneficial for your health. Not just for their beauty and their ‘home décor-improvement’, but also because of their toxin reduction effect. They release oxygen while absorbing dioxide carbon. Studies have shown that house plants can absorb around 87% of toxins in 24 hours. Also, it has been proven that indoor plans improve productivity and concentration, and boost up the mood. Therefore, to have a nice and boosted morning, it is good to take care of your plants, by watering them and exposing them to proper lightning so that they grow. If you don’t have much sunlight in your home, make sure to buy some LED grow lights which substitute the natural lighting and help your plants grow.

In conclusion

If you feel like your mornings aren’t going as good as you would love them too even after trying hard to adjust your habits, maybe it is best that you take a vacation. Going for a vacation in Florida, for example, will help you clear your mind and be more optimistic about life. You will have a chance to live in an awesome vacation rental in a serene, quiet, and tranquil environment. That is exactly the recipe you need when thinking your life through.

Lena Linetti

Lena is an architect. She is young and ambitious, with a degree in architecture. She has eight-plus years of experience in interior and exterior design. Her mission is to inspire others to live their dreams and create their perfect sweet home. Lena puts a big effort into working with her clients and tries to help them in the best way she can.

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