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How Writing Can Boost Your Productivity and Motivation

AUTHOR: Lori Wade
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Writing a paper is often imagined as a burden that no one likes, but has to carry on. Though, don’t be so critical about the way you perceive writing. It doesn’t matter what kind of paper you are dealing with. Every task is a new experience and new skills to master. No knowledge of that kind will be useless. The single thing you have to do is to concentrate on the bright sides of writing activity.

1. The more skilled writer you are, the more time you can save.

Procrastination is what makes you suffer when you try to write something. It kills motivation. Seeking for motivation, in turn, causes more procrastination and hurts your productivity. It seems to be a vicious circle. All you need to do to break it is to start writing. Indeed, the level of your productivity depends on the quality of you as a writer. When you are given a certain topic to dwell upon in your paper, you have to spend some time to think it over. In case you are experienced and skilled, it is enough to look at the topic only once. After that, your knowledge and skills may lead you in the right direction. On the other hand, when your skills are not quite profound, you may spend a lot more time doing the same kind of task. Constant practice is the best way to get closer to perfection. So, the more you write, the better professional you get.

2. If you know how to arrange your own thoughts well, you can lead people.

Organization of one’s own thoughts is a skill every leader in the world needs. It is impossible to give orders to other people when you can’t pull yourself together. In case your thoughts and ideas are not organized, your paper has all the chances to fail or not to be written on time. This can drastically hinder your professional growth. The only way to avoid such a scenario is to practice in writing and paying attention to organizing your thoughts, actions, and ideas. This will be particularly useful for you when you deal with giving assignments to other people. In case, your orders are unclear and hard to understand, the outcome will be nothing but a mess. In case your writings are good enough to influence your readers, you can be good at management.

3. Constant writing is a way to keep your life in order.

People, who spend their time writing a lot of stuff, tend to be more organized in their everyday lives. The main reason for this is that working with a text, structuring it and filling it with sense is a job that requires focus and self-discipline. You cannot write a good paper in a chaotic state of mind. You always start writing with questioning yourself why you need this paper. Curiously enough, according to the most productive planning systems, this is exactly what you need to do with any project in your life. Eventually, if you write consistently, you get used to organizing yourself. Often, writing becomes one’s way of life; and people who are involved in constant writing tend to make schedules and to-do-lists to make their lives easier and more successful.

4. Writing distracts you from unpleasant things in life.

Writing an essay or a paper requires profound mental effort. When a person is into doing such kind of a job, there is little to no room left for thinking about anything else. This works equally well for both good and bad thoughts and memories. Anyway, writing is a good chance to quit a real world for several hours and to put your brain to better use than self-pity. Good work is as useful as a good rest, so use the time spent on writing as a coffee break for your brain and feelings. Even if you feel sad, focus on writing something.

5. Good writers are always in demand.

As a rule, the more you write, the better you become at writing. Many online resources tend to encourage young and aspiring writers. If you are a student who has nothing to do during the summer break, start writing! This may help you to promote yourself and get some better job offers. You can always combine it with other productive summer activities for students. If you have a job already, mind that the more clients are satisfied with your work, the more famous you become within certain circles. Smart managers keep their eyes on perspective writers, and if your work is always excellent and done on time, you have all the opportunities to take a higher step in your career. Remember that every person who obtains a good working position started with doing the simplest assignments. As long as you can deal with more and more difficult topics, the more valuable you become as a worker. The harder you work, the more industrious and reliable you will look in the eyes of those who look for professional and hardworking writers.

6. Writing makes you more creative.

There is no secret that writing can stimulate creativity in the most interesting way. Like any activity connected with work of imagination and organization of thoughts, writing appears to be a great exercise for your mind. Creativity has always been a valuable feature in many spheres of work, so don’t underestimate the power of knowledge and skills you can get from your writing experience. Remember, that the most groundbreaking and innovative ideas have come to this world through people who were creative enough to produce them. Don’t think that creativity is something inbred. One can develop this trait. The best way to do it is to expand your imagination. Writing is certainly one of the best ways to achieve such results.

7. Writing improves your communication skills.

Don’t forget, that writing requires persistent work on your language skills. It influences not only your writing skills but your speaking skills altogether. In this light, the more you write, the more you work with language units. In case you get good at what you are doing, different language patterns you put on paper will surely be useful for your communication skills in real-life communication. This concerns both your communication in professional circles and your personal life. People who can use language the right way find a lot of real-life situation much easier to deal with. Such skills come only with practice, so don’t underestimate the importance of improving your language.

To sum it all up, writing is beneficial for many spheres of life, both professional and personal. We hope that all the prejudices against doing such kind of work will vanish after reading our article. Think of your weak and strong sides of writing and improve them to become a real professional in this field. Consider some other advantages of becoming a professional writer. What else could be useful in building a career of that kind?

Lori Wade

Lori is a journalist & content writer from Louisville, who has experience in small editions. She enjoys creating news and conceptual articles about efficiency and productivity in life. You can find her on LinkedIn.

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Commented almost 7 years ago Steve

Thanks. A good reminder of the benefits of writing. I will do more!

avatar Steve

Thanks. A good reminder of the benefits of writing. I will do more!

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