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6 Killer Tips to Stay Productive While Working Remotely

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Working remotely

Working remotely has become a great way of saving time and maximizing productivity. No matter where you are physically, you can still have the job that suits you the best. Of course, not all jobs can be used as remote work — but as the technological world is developing, digital work is becoming more and more popular among employees. No more time wasted traveling to the office, no more distractions, just eco-friendly choices and increased productivity.

Of course, every great job has its drawbacks. Working remotely can be an amazing opportunity of doing all of the above, as long as you stay connected to your work. There are many times when we get distracted, and lose time doing so many other things besides working. We lose focus, and therefore, decrease our productivity. We start procrastinating, and we convince ourselves that we’ll work later. Later becomes never, and we miss out on the opportunity to grow financially.

Here is some solid advice on how to stay productive while working remotely. Enjoy!

1. Using the 3 C’s

By using the rule of the 3 C’s, you are never going to procrastinate. They will be easy to remember, and set you on the right path. The 3 C’s stand for Creative, Captivating, and Connective. Let’s break them down now.

First, being creative means thinking outside the box. There are a lot of times when our digital work requires creativity and innovation. In order to evolve and engage in productive behavior, we must use imagination as a basic tool. It is important to have an expanded view over different subjects and topics. For example, being a freelance writer requires original storytelling skills and creative energy. Without the first C, any content writer would be lost.

Second, in order for your work to sell well, you need to use a hook on your clients — and that hook has to be captivating. You cannot write a boring article and expect people to keep reading your blog. You cannot give out unrealistic advice on a certain subject and expect people to contact you whenever they have a problem. Captivating and realistic behavior is essential when working remotely.

Third: being connective. Connecting with your clients is the most important action that you can take. This last C incorporates parts of the first two. You must be creative and use captivating content in order to connect; but you must also be able to communicate effectively. Use the 3 C’s wisely!

2. Calendar vs. To do list

For me personally, it has been more effective to use a calendar instead of a to-do list. A to-do list sets inflexible limits and makes me lose creativity. A calendar keeps me on top of my work by constantly reminding me of deadlines, but it does not stop me from using my originality. It gives me a relaxed schedule that I can work with, since I don’t have daily tasks that I must check. It really depends on you and your method of working, but try using the calendar for a couple of days and see how it goes.

3. Creating a Good Working Space

When you are not physically traveling to work and using your house as your office, there are times when you might forget the difference between the two. It is highly recommended that you draw the line between work and personal, relaxing space within your house. You don’t need to design a whole new office, but try to create a space that you’ll use only for working. That way, you know that within that space, you are not going to be distracted by anything. You will be able to concentrate better on your tasks and assignments.

4. Staying Focus by Creating the Right Environment

Of course, drawing the line between “the office” and “the home” is not enough. You must also create a positive and productive environment. Here are some tips on how to do that:

  • Organize your desk to avoid losing time searching for papers and tasks
  • Create a work-friendly playlist that helps you concentrate on your work
  • Allow more light into the room and open the window each day
  • Make the mini-office cozy and comfortable
  • Bring plants into your working place
  • Have more than one desk in that space, such as chairs or sofas to relax on when you take breaks.

5. Analyzing and Reflecting Upon Your Work

There are some good ways in which we can develop our abilities and improve our skills while having a remote job. It is essential that we analyze our work, draw conclusions based on results, and reflect upon our productivity. If we are not doing this, then who is going to?

A physical job is much easier from this point of view. All you have to do is show up at work and let your boss or colleagues reflect upon your development and contribution to the firm. Working remotely means doing all the jobs there are within a company — your boss’s, your colleagues’, and your manager’s. Here are some tips on how to analyze and reflect upon your daily improvement.

  • Keep a log book and make entries at the end of each day
  • Track your time and write down how you spend it (every 2 hours)
  • Make a schedule and write tasks down on your calendar
  • Be honest with yourself and recognize if there are things you could improve — if so, write them down as well
  • At the end of each week, take your log book and time tracking book and reflect upon your level of productivity in relation to the time spent working

6. Using Automation to Save Time

Any good freelancer knows that automation saves time and money. Therefore, you must use it as much as you can. Research proves that marketing automation has changed the digital era, and has increased productivity among remote workers. Let automation tools reach out to your clients while you concentrate on improving your skills. From social media publishing to personalized content within e-mails, automation will play a big role in boosting up your productivity.


I know that staying productive while working remotely can be challenging. There are a lot of things that you must do yourself. But then again, remote work comes with many great advantages, so if you get past the hard work, I am sure you’ll be more than happy to work from home. Stay productive, and keep your head up no matter what! If you have anything else to add, leave a comment below.

Warren fowler
Warren Fowler

Warren is a marketing enthusiast and a blogger at BestEssays and Writersquad, who loves music. If he doesn’t have a guitar in his hands, he’s probably embracing new technologies and marketing techniques online! You can find him on Facebook.

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