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Six Qualities of a Highly Effective Mindset

AUTHOR: Saun Tatt
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Six Qualities of a Highly Effective Mindset

Albert Einstein, a great thinker, who is remembered for his world-transforming effective inventions once said – there are only two ways to live your life – either you can live as if nothing is a miracle, or you can live as if everything is.

The old adage is still a classic and some of the most accurate words that define the power of a positive mindset. The quote explains; how a person with an effective mindset has the power to see positive in challenging situations. For them, it is not about trying to do everything and be everything it is making the very best of what they have while enjoying the roller-coaster ride called life.

A person with a positive mindset refuses to bow down no matter what challenges life throws at him/her. Despite being washed by waves over and over again, they know how to fight back and push their boat back again into the stormy water. They are happy about their achievements while they laud their fall downs as well.

Now you might be thinking how some people manage to be this positive when I cannot even manage to sleep peacefully on my worst days. Well, that is because you do not have a clear understanding of what needs to be done, or you do not have an effective system for making sure it is being done.

To figure out an effective system, it is important that you think positive in every situation, and to think positive you will need a highly effective mindset.

Below mentioned are the six effective traits and behaviors of an effective mindset you should start copying as these can counter most of your life woes making you more productive and positive about life.

Knows how to Enjoy and Appreciate the Present Moment

A study by Harvard psychologists in 2010 asked people to track their thoughts, feelings, and activities at random breaks and discovered that they spend 46.9% of their time doing one thing while thinking about another. Is this healthy?

There are two ways to put this, either people think of a situation that makes them happy or something that makes them tensed, and both of these distracts you from the present moment. Mostly, when the mind wanders, it is usually drawn into the negative projection, making us feel worse about ourselves.

Happiness is a mindset that can only be designed into the present. It is not a point in the future or past because future is unpredictable and past is never coming back. So many people think that happiness awaits in the years ahead while other believe that better days are not coming back.

We forget the moment we are living in is already a blessing and we can do a lot about it. The greater part of our happiness depends on our attitude towards the present moment. You need much less than you think you need to be happy and when you understand this life becomes easy and sorted.

Why think of tomorrow when you can achieve so much today? What if tomorrow never comes? Let know yourself that there is no tomorrow. Live in the present moment, as this will make life a lot easier.

Enjoys their work and Challenges

Most experts agree that all of us possess some traits that make us different from the other person, but many of us are scared of letting out those traits in front of the world. Why? Either because we are shy or afraid of losing.

Someone who never tried to come out of their comfort zone will never realize what it is like to standout and stand-alone.

If you will ever read biographies of a great person in history or listen to Ted Talks by successful entrepreneurs like Jack Ma, you will notice that their life was hardly ever smooth sailing. Their drive and compassion towards what they really loved and believed in made the whole difference.

Challenges enable you to do things that may be uncomfortable, challenging or difficult but once you start smelling success taming challenges become a habit. Your day should end with a sense of satisfaction. When your mind is challenged by duties that engage your purpose, then those great virtues, which would otherwise lay asleep, come to life and help you grow into a confident person.

Is Self-disciplined

Without discipline, success is impossible. Discipline helps you to control your life and emotions that allows you to control the course of your life. The concept that self-discipline will motivate us to do more and be better is worth giving an effort.

Discipline is choosing to do what you know must be done, as often and as long as required. It is doing the thing you have to do to accomplish your goal whether you like it or not.

Discipline will push us to do more (at times), but I invite you to think about what would feel better to you when looking at your mile-long “to-do” list? Because, when we feel better, we do better—physically, emotionally, and financially

People who are consistent in doing things know what they should do to achieve their goals. They are high on self-esteem, they adopt the ability to influence others life, they will see greater success in all areas of life, people’s respect for them will grow, and all this will boost their confidence to do better.

Helps Develop Positive Inner Belief

Your beliefs influence your outer behaviours and actions. You need to believe you can succeed before you do because when you have a positive inner belief, you will naturally direct your focus towards the solutions rather than crying over problems.

Sarah a content writing expert associated with companies like Thaksforthehelp and Chegg says – “many students have a habit to not believe in their capabilities, which is the cause of their downfalls at most of the time. If your beliefs about yourself and your ability to hit your goals are negative, it is almost impossible to achieve what you set out to do".

Pitfalls will be a constant companion to you from the day you decide to go for something big in life. Every obstacle will feel unbeatable, but that is not a reason to give up. Most people give up long before because they think they are not capable of doing this or that. And success never comes to such people.

Successful people avoid pitfalls because they can take forward actions that are consistent with their positive inner beliefs. They are able to get up off the couch and take the right actions that help them become achievers.

A Counter to Anger

There is so much to feel angry about in this world but would it change anything? Being angry is easy, but by itself, anger gets nothing accomplished. Surprisingly, many of us do not even realize that we have an anger problem, but it lurks beneath of subconscious.

To cope with anger or to funnel it into a productive action effective people adopt strategies to distract themselves from angry thoughts and feelings. In most cases, they simply suppress the feeling, making them emotionally cold. Anger is the real cause of depression and unproductivity, and both can distract you from your goal.

What you can do to control anger is, practice the habit to direct your anger towards specific problems that can be solved, not people or generalized situations. Look for answers and resolutions, not excuses and stop complaining about your life every now and then.

Accepts Themselves

Repeat after me – I accept myself. I love myself. I forgive myself for what I did not know until I learned it. Did you feel any better about yourself?

Successful people understand who they are being very clear about their strengths and weakness. They do not pretend to be someone they cannot be because that will be compromising with one’s happiness.

If you do not like attending parties or networking events maybe staying at home is a better idea instead of going to the party because of peer pressure and getting bored there. Learn to accept yourself because you are unique. Empowerment, freedom, and acceptance come to those who are not afraid of accepting themselves.

As William Shakespeare famously wrote, “Nothing is either good or bad, but thinking makes it so”. Being authentically happy starts with the realization that you are both the source and the cause of your own well-being and this feeling is a result of accepting yourself.

If you are scared of challenges, doubt, and worries, you will never be able to move ahead in life. You will never know what it is like being successful and trying something different. Learn how to embrace these terms and points above cause they are stepping stone to success and a highly effective mindset.

Saun Tatt

Saun is a human resource professional and has been associated with student help website since its start. He works with clients around the globe and has helped many companies to recruit high productive people.

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