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6 Unusual Ways To Do The Work

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It’s the middle of the day, you’re tired and don’t think clearly anymore, you want to go home but still have 3 hours left of work before you can go. You have this nagging thought in your head: How can you get motivated and be more productive all day long, so you don’t hit these darn speed bumps that pop up all over the place like little targets on a video game?

Here are some fun ways to become more productive and motivated during your days:

1. Have a “Be someone else day”

That’s right, get the whole office to dress like “Superheroes” for the day. Make the costumes be the characters. Just think, maybe the girl you like at the office will dress up like “Wonder Woman” this way, you won’t have to wonder that much anymore. It can be anything, just have fun, relax and the day will go by so fast.

2. Jump around, dance or do handstands

Get that circulation going and improve your breathing as this helps to increase blood flow and refreshes your brain – that’s right, brilliant ideas will come one after another as your mind open for a new way of thinking. It will also decrease you stress level and detoxify your body. So, get on a trampoline and jump away, dance or use the wall behind your desk to do handstands! You entertain yourself and become healthier all on once.

3. Take a warm shower or bath

Yes, it relaxes but also you feel so good afterwards that besides that you become more caring, generous and friendly, you actually have more energy to do stuff. Studies show that this method is perfect to have the dopamine level increased in our brains which gives you head full of brilliant ideas. Just think of the ideas you have had in the shower the day before. No, not those kinds of ideas :)

4. Change your work environment

Go to a park or a coffee shop and just get out of the office. Don’t bring your computer charger with and it will make you more productive, so you will get your work done instead of shopping online or looking up something irrelevant like: “how to make the best Paella”, even though you know you have the best recipe anyway. I have panic attacks without my computer, so this way your blood is pumping in a different way to get stuff done.

5. Surround yourself with yellow

Huh? Studies show that yellow has a great impact on productivity. Staring at something yellow causes a decrease of melatonin, this cunning hormone that makes you sleepy. This sounds like an easy way to focus on important stuff. Now all I can do is think about tying a yellow ribbon around an oak tree. Will probably have that stuck in my head all day, and won’t be tired so will have this image for hours and hours.

6. Use the old jar of ideas trick

You know kind of like that “honey do list of items” your wife wants to be done that you never do at home. But this time do it since it is work stuff. Write down some task you just don’t want to do and put them in a jar. When you are done with your main projects, go ahead and pick one out, get it done and then you can go hide and take your nap. You’ve earned it.

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Marlena Kuczyńska

Marlena is the creative at TimeCamp. She writes about time management, productivity tips and time tracking.

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