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Building your moments of 'Doing'

AUTHOR: David Torné
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Building your moments of 'Doing'

Productivity is nothing without “Doing”. Those lists, plans, projects, goals, and visions, are nothing if you do not spend quality time to meet your commitments. Everybody gets things done, no doubt, but the quality of our work makes a difference. It is important to care and provide a good finish. We tend to do too many things at once. Perhaps we do not fall into multitasking, but it seems that we are giving up the idea of focusing on just one thing.

Sometimes you need to work in isolation, without interruptions or distractions, even removing background music, so you can complete the task at hand properly.

Before sitting down to work on my next task, I take the time to review the reference materials needed to perform it. If I need something extra, I make it my “next action” not to get stuck halfway. If it is something I have to google, I disconnect after that so I can start the task execution with zero distractions. It’s a functional necessity for me, and also the staging of the commitment to myself and my work.

Beyond the development of habits that promote focusing and effective execution, we can structure our short-term schedules by creating gaps in our calendar, where we can do our high-concentration work.

The most emblematic example is to devote the early moments of the day to close your priority tasks. The famous financial phrase “pay yourself first” can be applied to productivity. Do not make concessions to the rest of your duties during the performing of those tasks. First things first.

Yes, you need to pour some selfishness in your actions. You need to devote some space to yourself, to your stuff set as “what I have to do”, without letting other non-indispensable tasks distracts you from the essentials of today. I know it’s hard to believe, but even if you’re not available during that quiet time, the world will keep going.

You can start trying this philosophy of “Doing” by creating a weekly gap in your calendar that would be exclusively spent to settle small issues and projects nearing completion. You will think there is always something more important, but these unfinished details remain generating noise and clouding your immediate horizon perspective. Just two or three hours to label all those things with “Done”.

David Torné

David is a blogger who specializes in personal productivity and GTD. Professional software developer and vocational disseminator of everything related to productivity. Follow him in his blog.

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Commented about 10 years ago Shady Qaddoura

Great Article !! Good Job David :)

avatar Shady Qaddoura

Great Article !! Good Job David :)

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