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Finally, I am jumping to FacileThings

AUTHOR: David Torné
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After implementing my GTD system on applications not specifically designed for it, as Microsoft One Note and Evernote, I am skipping to FacileThings. So far I have resisted because it is a cloud application. Yes, I am an outdated guy who believes that things should be stored on my hard disk to be considered mine. Another reason is I was waiting the beta phase to be completed. Finally, I am absolutley satisfied. But, why should you change if you have something that works?

  • It is a specific application for GTD. The development team is supported by GTD consultants to avoid design mistakes. It is a task manager that follows a specific methodology and adding functionality beyond the limits of the David Allen’s method can hurt its efficiency. Simplicity and orthodoxy are key concepts here.
  • You can handle your goals and areas of responsibility. Its goal setting system has two great advantages over other systems. First of all, it just exists. Most software only implements a system to handle simple lists of tasks and projects. Secondly, the system incorporates areas of responsibility and projects in the process of goals definition, so all the pieces fit together nicely.
  • It provides a great user experience. To sum up my testing experience, I am very impressed by its simplicity, efficiency and intuitive use. It is easy to learn in a short time. A work frame with the indispensable functionality invites you to focus on what is really important: tasks completion and goals management. A fast response time is another key factor for me to break my resistance to cloud computing.
  • Evernote and social networks integration. So far they have added connections to popular applications like Evernote to import data that can be converted into documentation or tasks. Add to this the possibilities of creating actions via email and accessing your lists through your smartphone, and here you have a powerful interconected system to collect stuff.
  • Continuous improvement. It seems that these guys want something more that just place the app on the market. Beyond further improvement of its functionality, they want to become a reference in the realm of personal productivity systems, and this means hard work that will benefit us users.

Definitively, it’s a question of trusting the cloud and software as a service. I think the best you can do is to sign up FacileThings and check it out by yourself. Find out all the things it offers and leave us your comments. Let’s talk about it!

David Torné

David is a blogger who specializes in personal productivity and GTD. Professional software developer and vocational disseminator of everything related to productivity. Follow him in his blog.

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