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Seven Productivity Secrets All Entrepreneurs Must Know

AUTHOR: Lena Linetti
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Seven Productivity Secrets All Entrepreneurs Must Know

Being a productive entrepreneur is not easy. There are so many distractions around that can hinder progress and goals. However, things are not so hopeless. There are many tools and techniques you can use to increase your productivity.

Focus on goals, not a to-do list

Always go towards your goal. Adjust the list of tasks to the requirements that need to be fulfilled to achieve the main goal. When deciding what goals you set for this year, do not get stuck in small details, figuring out exactly how you plan to achieve your goal. This is a big long-term goal that will serve as the foundation for your short-term planning. In this short-term planning, you will already be able to describe all the steps necessary to achieve the goals in more detail. It is the first and most important rule to achieve personal productivity.

Never stop learning

Business training is a way to get quality education to improve sales and increase personal productivity. Business training is a crucial step in forming a core of team leaders who will lead any processes, regardless of the existing education. There are many different lessons on different topics, so it is vital to decide what exactly is needed at the moment and what you can spend time, effort, and money on. For these purposes, courses might be suitable. They help not only develop an entrepreneurial spirit but also improve your business from various angles.

Relax and take time for yourself

If you don’t have time for rest and other activities in life besides work, you are doing something wrong. It’s great to be truly passionate, but it’s essential to restart the body and look for sources of energy and inspiration in something else: in a hobby, sports, time with family. Meditation helps maintain a stable psychological state, and therefore stable and relaxed productivity: try to practice them every night before bed.

Delegate what others can do better

No entrepreneur is good at everything. Therefore, the sooner you realize that you are not a superman and identify your “pain points,” the sooner you will start to work more productively. It is important to highlight your strengths, focus on them, and learn to delegate everything else.

Learn to be productive even outside the office

An entrepreneur today is a person who must be able to move without prejudice to the ongoing business processes. Therefore, on any trip — whether it be a couple of hours on a high-speed train or a flight across the Atlantic — it is crucial to organize your work intelligently. For example, be aware of the capabilities of your phone. I came to understand that you can do 95% of things without a computer. Or, while waiting for a taxi or a hotel room, you can do many tasks: check your mail, call back, or do something else that gets lost in your daily routine.

Take care of the amount and quality of sleep

If your body needs 7-8 hours of sleep to stay productive, do not deny yourself. I approach the creation of comfortable conditions for sleeping responsibly: I monitor the temperature in the room and the concentration of carbon dioxide, as well as that there is absolute darkness and silence, a comfortable mattress, and, of course, the duration of at least 6-7 hours. I have some handy gadgets in my bedroom that help me improve my sleep which means the day will be more productive.

Learn to say «No!»

This wonderful word frees you from unnecessary worries, fruitless negotiations, tiresome transfusions from empty to empty, and even relieves headaches. It’s elementary: by saying no, you free yourself from unnecessary explanations. Thus, you have time for your business, self-development, health, and family. After all your own personal wellbeing is that one factor that makes you productive at work and motivates you to go on.


The secrets of productivity for entrepreneurs are a hot topic for any business. The world today is designed so that you either grow or die, so move and develop. All this is very true for today’s reality. It would help if you were constantly on your toes, always looking for new, more effective ways of doing things. Today, technology is moving forward at the speed of light, giving us access to new ways of doing our daily tasks. If you are not yet serious about innovation, you can be sure that your competitors are overtaking you.

Lena Linetti

Lena is an architect. She is young and ambitious, with a degree in architecture. She has eight-plus years of experience in interior and exterior design. Her mission is to inspire others to live their dreams and create their perfect sweet home. Lena puts a big effort into working with her clients and tries to help them in the best way she can.

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One comment

Commented almost 3 years ago Stan

I like the relax part, sooo important ! Actually the more we relax (well) the more productive we become, don't mess with it !
We're big fans of productivity in our team at Zenkit, we even wrote about it, hope it helps :)

avatar Stan

I like the relax part, sooo important ! Actually the more we relax (well) the more productive we become, don't mess with it !
We're big fans of productivity in our team at Zenkit, we even wrote about it, hope it helps :)

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