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Top 10 Tips to Get Things Done for Freelancers

AUTHOR: Nicole Garrison
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Top 10 Tips to Get Things Done for Freelancers

Working from home can be a challenge for anyone and it takes a lot of determination for someone to stay focused and complete a certain task if they do not feel the pressure of working in an office. Being a freelancer can be very liberating and can allow you to work under your own terms but you need to find ways to stay productive and work hard to achieve your goals.

Getting things done can be a challenge if you are not used to working this way and this can affect your performance and relationships with your clients. In order to help you turn this around, here are some of the most effective tips to help you stay focused on completing your obligations as a freelancer.

1. Create a working schedule

Working during certain hours every single day is probably the number one thing that is going to help you stay productive on a daily basis. Depending on your deadlines and the responsibilities you have, you should make sure to plan out your working hours on the weekend so you are able to know when you can plan other activities and responsibilities apart from your work.

2. Put together a working space

Having a space where you will be able to work without distractions is probably one of the most important things when it comes to staying productive. Having your own desk and a space where you will manage to work without other people distracting you while you work is something very important if you wish to focus on your obligations.

3. Prioritize your responsibilities

Everyone wants to know how to get things done faster but no one wants to take time and put their responsibilities in order. By starting to work on something that is not as important as another task you have, you will not be able to complete the important one on time and this will truly affect the way you work and how reliable you appear to your clients.

Putting your responsibilities in order based on their importance, difficulty and individual deadlines will help your working schedule flow a lot easier and without any issues.

4. Set measurable goals

Whether you wish to start working with more clients or you wish to be able to procrastinate less, setting goals for each thing you want to accomplish is going to help you stay active and productive. Your goals should be measurable and achievable so you can always know just how far you have come since the last time you reflected upon your progress.

5. Adjust your to-do list

Even if you have a set amount of responsibilities you have to complete during each week, you still need to reflect on your to-do list and make sure you are doing everything according to plan. Sometimes deadlines might change and it is possible that a client might ask for additional work from you.

Therefore, you need to be ready to make adjustments and stay flexible when it comes to your work. By adjusting your list of responsibilities you will be able to make time for everything and also learn how to get stuff done even if your original plans change.

6. Use a productivity app

Productivity apps can be your new best friend if you wish you learn how to get things done without wasting your time and effort. Whether you wish to stop using your phone while you work or you need an app that shows you how much you completed during each working day, there are plenty of apps which you can try and use depending on your needs.

A great app to help you stay focused and productive is called Forest and it essentially helps you stay away from your phone while you work. At the same time, you can build cute trees and bushes and even plant a real-life tree if you gather enough points!

7. Keep distractions away

Keeping distractions away is all about taking the time to plan the way you work and make sure that there is nothing in the room with you that can distract you. Whether that is your phone or anything else that you find disrupts your attention, you should make sure to keep in a different room or at least on silent.

In addition to that, you should also make sure you have a space away from your front door and if possible away from a busy street, so you can work in peace. If you live with other people, let them know which your working hours are so they can let you work without bothering you.

8. Take frequent breaks

Taking breaks during your working hours is very important, especially if you wish to continue being productive throughout the day. “Giving your brain some time to relax and think about something else is going to work in your favor, especially if you have a long day of work in store”, advises Tori Andrews, a content creator for BestEssayEducation.

The only thing you need to remember is to time your breaks so you do not go over the time limit you have set for each break. It can be very easy to stretch a break for too long and then you will struggle to make time for your important tasks.

9. Get enough sleep

Another very important thing you need to remember is that in order to be productive you need to be rested. Getting enough sleep should be one of your top priorities every day as a freelancer, as you will feel much more motivated to work hard if you manage to get through the day.

Sleeping helps our minds reset during the night and you will come to find that the better rested you are, the less stress you experience. Therefore, having a regular sleeping schedule and sticking to it daily is going to greatly work in your favor.

10. Always reward yourself

Last but not least, it is important to always remember to reward yourself after you complete a major task. Getting yourself used to the idea of working hard in order to gain a nice reward will help you see work in a more positive manner and to can help you look forward to completing even the most mundane of tasks.

Whether you wish to treat yourself to a nice dinner, new clothes or a trip abroad, you should treat every obligation as a chance to prove to yourself that you can work through it in order to be able to enjoy something much nicer in the future.

Work hard and smart

While you might believe that working long hours is the only way for you to become successful in your freelancing career, it is important to remember that being organized and completing your obligations on time is more important than how hard or fast you work. These tips for freelancers will help you get things done without losing focus from your work and allowing you to become the best version of yourself, easily.

Which are your favorite productivity tips as a freelancer?

Nicole Garrison

Nicole is a professional content creator and editor for Studicus. In her spare time, Nicole enjoys creating educational content for her audience by sharing her experience as a freelancer on other platforms. She has a passion for reading and often spends time hiking and walking in nature.

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