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Today, almost all of us feels that there is not enough time to get done all the things we have to do. Tasks at work grow and grow. Besides, there are things to do at home, and commitments we have made to family and friends. And there are also things that we want to do just because we like doing them.

Calendars and daily to-do lists with prioritized tasks, no longer help us to get organized efficiently. Our head is full of outstanding and unfinished things that distract us constantly, make us waste time and energy, and cause us anxiety and stress.

FacileThings is based on a self-management methodology called GTD® (Getting Things Done). This system, whose effectiveness has been extensively validated by millions of followers, establishes a work flow that allows you to easily and intuitively manage all the elements of your personal productivity.

FacileThings will guide you through the process of learning this method and will help you incorporate the needed habits into your daily routine.

  • 1. Capture everything that catches your attention.
  • 2. Clarify what each thing is and what you're doing with it.
  • 3. Organize the results correctly.
  • 4. Review your system regularly.
  • 5. Do the right thing at all times.

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