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For your GTD system to be useful and functional, you must review your lists as often as you need so you can trust them and feel that everything is under control. This habit is hard to get. FacileThings helps you through a wizard designed to easily complete the Weekly Review.

Once a week

The Weekly Review sets out a series of steps that allow you to clean and update your lists, so that your organization system matches your reality. The main reason why people fail to stay organized is because the gap between their system and their reality becomes too big. Do not let that happen.

learn reflect

Every day

Don't forget to daily review your Calendar, since it is the place where your everyday commitments are, and your Next Actions list, where you will find the answer to What should I be doing now?

At your own pace

From time to time you need to reflect from a higher perspective. Your projects and daily tasks should serve your life purpose, your vision, your goals and your areas of responsibility. It is not just about getting things done. It is about getting the right things done.

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