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Six Daily Routines And Habits To Increase Personal Productivity

AUTHOR: Rachel Eleza
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Six Daily Routines And Habits To Increase Personal Productivity

Improving personal productivity is a goal that often worries all of us. It has nothing to do with investing many hours in the process. This is due to the achievement of a level of harmony between goals and the result. How do you get it? Very simple! You need to follow our advice and develop good habits.

Set daily goals

Setting big goals for yourself is highly counterproductive. Not only will we most likely fail to achieve our goal, but we will also feel great disappointment. Just don’t think that you don’t need to set big goals. They are obligatory, even necessary, to be set in the long term of their implementation. But we’ll talk about how to set them next time. To increase your productivity, you must set daily goals that are measurable and easy to achieve. These should be goals, the implementation of which depends solely on you. Remember that the goals should be clear. To come somewhere (and do it well), you need to know where you are going. Otherwise, it looks like wandering in the dark with all the ensuing consequences. Ideally, your goals and objectives are quantitative and qualitatively measurable. Where this is not possible, at least delineate the task. Not Sell More, but Call 10 Potential Clients.

Identify your productive hours

This is extremely important. You need to know what hours of the day you are most productive. Use this watch to complete your most important or challenging tasks. And leave the most mechanical and mundane things to your less productive hours of work. How do you know how many hours of practical work you have? The easiest option, you decide whether you are a night person or a morning person, or combined.

Early risers are the type of people who wake up early. Their productive hours are in the morning. But after lunch, they are no longer so energetic for work. Late sleepers are the type of people whose effective working and waking hours are in the afternoon. Try to understand when things are best for you, and do the most important thing during that time.


You’ve probably heard this advice a hundred times. Do you follow it? Doctors are tired of repeating: lack of activity leads to poor health, decreased attention, and lethargy. You don’t have to buy an expensive gym membership or new equipment. Although using gym equipment in your exercise program will help a lot, and in a short time, you will see how much more energy you will have. Remember that health reflects the standard of living and sanitary well-being and directly affects life expectancy and labor productivity, defense, economy and welfare, moral climate, and activity.

Healthy Eating

Your diet can make you more creative, happier and healthier. Studies have found that people who eat plenty of fruit and vegetables throughout the day report feeling happier than those with low intake. Nutritious foods help your brain perform well by supplying nutrients that keep inflammation or oxidation at bay as it powers your need to be productive. While most people get all the nutrients they need from food sources alone others still require additional vitamin supplements for various reasons. The human body is an amazing machine, but it needs some help from time to time, therefore you do what you need to do to be healthy and energetic all the time.

Avoid multitasking

Technological invasion and the introduction of many technological devices into our daily life forced us to develop a skill called “Multitasking.” I want to warn you if you haven’t encountered this yet. Multitasking is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. We are not at all our allies in this process. The simultaneous execution of various tasks simultaneously says that we will not get 100% of the result in each of them. To avoid this, take on only one job. This will make you more productive. The myth that the human brain can control several tasks equally well at once has long been dispelled. Don’t do multiple tasks at the same time or jump from one activity to another. Immerse yourself in doing something you love (or not very much, but very important) and fully concentrate on it.

Learn to say NO

Perhaps this is the most important and most challenging thing. Collaboration and teamwork are essential to a company’s business success. But we cannot afford to burden ourselves with the wrong organization of others. So, politely, we have to say when necessary: “Sorry, I’ll finish this and see how I can help you” or “Let me finish first.” Likewise, we can use the exact phrases when our partner distracts us.

These are some tips you can follow to increase your productivity and learn to manage your time better. To balance your work and personal life and do all the things you can never do, follow these tips. Develop the proper habits.

Rachel Eleza

Rachel is a marketing director at Upsuite and a writer for different websites. She loves reading and travelling. She is an ambitious woman and a hard-worker. When she’s not writing, she’s usually baking up a storm or trying to find new ways to get inspired.

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Commented over 2 years ago Angela Brumm

I do a lot of things you speak of but my productivity is low 1 instead of 10 clients that sounds good working backward works well for me I get overloaded and shut down. Inconsistency is a big thing with me i fall off the wagon sort of speak.

avatar Angela Brumm

I do a lot of things you speak of but my productivity is low 1 instead of 10 clients that sounds good working backward works well for me I get overloaded and shut down. Inconsistency is a big thing with me i fall off the wagon sort of speak.

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