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Ok, everything is processed and organized, and you have a bunch of actions in your Next Actions list. Which one should you do?

next actions

Context should be the first criterion to be used. Where are you and what tools do you have at hand? Use the list of related tags (at the left side) to filter your actions by your current context.

Time available is the next thing to be considered. How much time do you have before having to do something else? If you have a meeting in 30 minutes, you can filter your next actions list and only focus on those actions that require less than 30 minutes. You can assign an expected time to an action with the :time keyword, followed by a number and a unit (minutes or hours).

Draft a post about meetings :time 15 min

It is advisable to define what actions require very little energy to be done, so you can focus on them when you are a little tired. Use the :energy keyword followed by low to classify this kind of actions. You can also set tasks that require a lot of concentration with the command :energy high.

Read the Project Management magazine :energy low

Finally, given the context in which you are and the time and energy available, the next factor to consider is the relative priority of the task. And that is given by their urgency and the need to focus on some earlier than others.

Use the keyword :urgent to point out such actions. Remember that urgency is something that is given externally and you should not arbitrarily assign.

Plan the implementation of the new productivity software :urgent :time 2 hrs

Uses the sign !! to mark tasks to that you should pay more attention in the coming days, for whatever reason.

Send an email to Peter to start preparing the Christmas reunion !!

You can also set the time, energy and priority values using the graphic interface:

time, energy and priority interface

Also, to set up the tasks to which you need to pay more attention, you can use the star-shaped icon on their right side.

Ultimately and always you must trust your intuition to make the best choice.

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