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The Weekly Review

The purpose of the Weekly Review is to get a clean, clear, current and complete system, so you can firmly rely on it. The aim of this wizard is to simplify the process and guide you, so you can do it better and spend less time than usual.

Step 1: Collect all loose papers

Gather all business cards, receipts, and paper-based materials you have been collecting during the week and bring them into the system. Then stop for a moment and think if there is anything else on your mind that you should capture.

You can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Enter to collect and PgDown (fn+down arrow on Mac keyboards) to continue with the next step.

Weekly Review - Collecting

Step 2: Get your Inbox to zero

Process what you have captured in the first step and all outstanding stuff.

You can also use the keyboard shortcut PgUp (fn+up arrow on Mac keyboards) to go back to the previous step.

Weekly Review - Processing

Step 3: Look at your previous Calendar data

Here you can see all the pending events in your Calendar and the ones you have completed the previous week. Upgrade the pending items and capture anything you think you would need to definitely complete these tasks.

Weekly Review - Past events

Step 4: Prepare your upcoming Calendar

Look at your future Calendar events (you’ll also see the Tickler File events that will be activated in the coming days) and capture the actions needed to prepare them properly.

Weekly Review - Next events

Step 5: Review your Next Actions list

Review your whole list of Next Actions. Check off the tasks you have already completed, move things that should be in other lists, and update the information.

Weekly Review - Next actions

Step 6: Review your Waiting For list

Check off the items you have already received. For the rest, capture the follow-up actions you consider relevant.

Weekly Review - Waiting for

Step 7: Review your Projects

Review each of your active projects. Put on hold (waiting) those you cannot continue for the moment, and mark those you have finished. Reactive the waiting projects that can now be addressed. Ensure that at least there is one Next Action for each project in progress.

Weekly Review - Projects

Step 8: Review your Someday/Maybe list

You are almost done. The time has come to be creative. Review the items in your Someday/Maybe list (only the ones that are not associated with any project are shown). To facilitate the review of this list, exclude the tags of stuff that do not require to be reviewed regularly.

Is there anything that should be done now? Anything that you feel like doing? See if there are things you may activate and process them. Remove items that are no longer of interest or have become obsolete.

Weekly Review - Someday/Maybe

Step 9: Be creative and courageous

Take a few minutes to meditate. Are there any new creative and wonderful idea that is hitting your mind? Capture it!

Weekly Review - Ideas

Step 10: Clarify and finish!

Likely, during the review you have collected new stuff and ideas. Process them and you’re done.

Weekly Review - Finish

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