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Sometimes it is necessary to include references to other people in your tasks: a job you have to delegate to a fellow, a subject that you should discuss with your partner, a meeting that you should attend with your boss, etc.

To represent people you can use special contexts—words preceded by the @ symbol—, which in addition to help you locate and group tasks of the same person, will allow you to store all necessary contact information and establish a form of collaboration:

Ask @ana to translate the last article of the blog into English.

The People section allows you to set up your collaborators and helps you delegate tasks as well as keep track of them effectively.

To create a new contact, click the New Person button and fill in the information you need. The only required data is the Screen name, a short name (one word) with which you can refer that person within any task, by prepending the @ symbol:

create a person

When you type the name of a person who has not yet been created in a task, a record for that person will be automatically created in the People section. You can complete the information anytime.

If the email address of that person matches any FacileThings user, you can invite him to connect with you. If you get connected, you will be able to delegate tasks to each other, add comments to shared tasks and track them in real time:

send invite

If you receive an invitation from another user, you just have to give it a Screen name and accept to be connected (in case you already had that contact created, you just need to accept):

accept an invite

Even if your colleague does not use FacileThings, you can delegate tasks to him and receive his feedback directly in FacileThings. To do this you should first get his permission and then check the box Send tasks by email:

send tasks by email

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