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Tags and Contexts

Tags are words prefixed by the symbol # 1, and they help you to better describe an item, and to group and find elements that have common characteristics.

You can use them to define contexts or, simply, to better classify your stuff:

Assign contexts

A context is just the tool, location, or situation needed to carry out an action.

The definition of these contexts are totally dependent on your lifestyle, but some of the most common are #home, #office, #computer, #calls, and #errands.

using tags

On the left side you will see the tags related to the list you have currently selected. Each tag shows the number of items that contain it.

tags list

For example, if all the tasks you have to do at home are marked with the tag #home, you will be able to get a list of all your pending tags at home and ignore the others. Just click on the tag to do that.

actions filtered by tag

Classify information

The Reference Material list does not contain actions but information you want to keep due to its usefulness or interest.

Although you can use simple text to search for items in that list (using the search tool), it is a good practice to classify this material with significant tags about the content of each item, for quick access later.

classifying info with tags

1 In addition to letters and digits, a tag may contain the following symbols: hyphen (“-”), underscore (“_”), dot (“.”), equal sign (“=”) and slash (“/”.)

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